middle school in a sentence

Example sentences for middle school

The world is still in middle school anxious to get to high school.
Each satellite has a small camera that middle school students can request be aimed at target areas on the moon for study.
Kids brainwashed by the time they are in middle school, and then grow up to be brainwashed parents.
If college level is too difficult, try high school and middle school texts of the same sort.
The receptors of the former are the rods and cones that you all learned about in middle school.
They are done at a caliber far beyond what you'd expect from the middle school and high school sciences.
As my kids have moved into the upper elementary and middle school grades, the time for a work-free summer has disappeared.
Even a middle school science student will understand this criticism.
Even middle school science students in decent old wold will understand that melting ice on ocean will not raise water level.
Some of them could not even write at a middle school level, much less a college level.
Since safe petting and good talking go together, middle school students need to continue to practice their communication skills.
Exactly, that this is a problem that only comes to light in middle school and high school.
They can bring their whole staff, including middle school.
Soft drinks, candy, and fast food: what parents and teachers think about the middle school food environment.
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