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And despite encroaching middle age and far too many premature deaths, they have remained enshrined as such ever since.
Some of the gift ideas could be given to older kids, or even adults, but they are mostly aimed at the middle age kids.
When he did that in middle age, he gave the mice many more healthy years.
Bars may form when galaxies collide, and they might be an indication of a galaxy reaching middle age.
Patients who develop diabetes before middle age generally lack the ability to produce enough insulin.
We've met former business majors, now nearing middle age who say they regret not having studied philosophy while at college.
Even though it has settled down to a stable middle age, the sun may have its vagaries.
Tenure means not having to worry about having to find new employment in middle age, and that means a lot to professors.
It is difficult to do when one is in middle age, for that is the time of commitments.
Yet, the prospect of landing a job in late middle age can be daunting, especially in a tight labor market.
In middle age she was an impoverished and eccentric itinerant, abandoned by her husband and family.
When adults of middle age and older throw tantrums and hold their breath until they turn blue, it's less charming.
All of these leaders reached that stage by early middle age.
They have arrived in a new century with the varying perspectives of middle age.
Others would wait until they'd established themselves professionally and financially and go for it only in middle age.
Charmingly, he has retained his enthusiasm for the extinct giants into middle age.
Rose raises the possibility of extended life as endless middle age.
In early middle age his father was already a full professor.
When the world turns this fast, middle age comes early.
Most who make up the dwindling number are in middle age, or approaching it, and many have two or more decades in the mines.
In subsequent years of adulthood and middle age, sufferer accommodated chronic condition as best he could.
Usually, the coarse nature of middle age hair does not readily respond to treatment.
As he faced middle age and mortality, the mysteries and contradictions in his life were overwhelming him.
Both those magazines are for people in their middle age.
He is not simply another successful businessman hitting middle age and buying trophies.
The first video-gaming generation, which grew up with games arcades and home consoles, is now entering middle age.
They are moving towards middle age but have remained single, working for low pay or unemployed.
Only as they enter middle age do they settle down to consist of well-spaced planets in stable orbits.
Use coal, and produce human lungs full of soot by middle age.
But she's not bemoaning the fact that she's on the cusp of middle age.
Nevertheless, middle age can be an emotional low point.
In the meantime, carriers aim to encourage more of us in middle age to start tapping.
Surging interest in marathons at middle age and beyond testifies to our longer, healthier lives.

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