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Example sentences for middle ground

There is tons of middle ground between those two extremes.
The population size and location strike a perfect middle ground.
Together, they seem to find a happy middle ground, where neither truly sacrifices more of herself than the other.
It's a tough job finding the middle ground, for writers and for researchers.
As for your science, unfortunately, sometimes there is no middle ground.
People are all for middle ground as long as they win.
There must be a middle ground somewhere between considering it unclean and sharing it with others.
In response to that effort, many professionals endeavored to address the issues from a more balanced middle ground.
However there must be some middle ground between reporting diarrhoea and waiting for ultimate certainty.
The state continues the search to find middle ground.
There is a middle ground, but it isn't easy to stand there without being attacked by both camps.
The gulf between us is to wide for us to find a middle ground.
So individuals are either tax avoiders or tax payers, with no middle ground allowed.
The writer feels that her stand is justified, even though they will tell her that the middle ground is for angels.
When faced with a choice, he instinctively hews to the middle ground.
So now the middle ground realizes they have to outvote the poor and the bewildered if the country is to grow and prosper at all.
He was a pragmatist, and instinctively a seeker of the middle ground.
Carter trains a steady gaze on this middle ground of nature and architecture.
Almost in spite of themselves, they give hints of a middle ground.
More stifling still is the government's paternalist claim to monopolize the middle ground of public discourse.
Finding the perfect middle ground between sharing too little or, what's considerably worse, too much isn't easy.
There was no middle ground here-moral choices had to be made.
The program is envisioned as a middle ground between the state's research universities and its community colleges.
In some sense, they occupy a middle ground between conventional semester courses and credit by examination.
Perhaps, you could learn about the personalities and try to walk the middle ground.
Others chart a more middle ground and offer a topic or the readings to be covered each week.
Maybe there is some middle ground here somewhere, on which both you and the students can be happy.
Though yes, you need to have a middle ground and consider carefully what needs to be said for that particular job.
Offers a middle ground between extreme egalitarianism and positions that dismiss animal rights.
The problem is there is no good middle ground that will work for all students.
Nor is it likely that many of those who argue will occupy a middle ground.
Two entrenched, increasingly sectarian narratives have crushed any goodwill and middle ground.
They try to steer a middle ground, not so much one way or the other.
Its original purpose was to try to find middle ground on controversial issues such as genetically modified foods.
There is a middle ground of companies who know there is value in the new way of work but are unsure on how to begin.
To me, the middle ground option doesn't sound viable.
Find a middle ground and carefully consider your viewing habits when weighing this feature.
Developers are finding a new middle ground, although it took a little longer than some of us thought.
The middle ground might be more of a problem electorally, but it's impossible to tell on the information provided.
Planting his feet in such a roiling middle ground puts him in a unique position that warrants discussion.
Cells ply the middle ground between supply and demand.
Meanwhile, there may still be room for a middle ground in paleontologists' metabolic musings.
There is no middle ground, no room for artistic license, or interpretation.
Web design is about finding a good middle ground that people can understand and use.
Instead you had the success of a middle ground where there wasn't real political liberty but there was economic growth.
Actually, it's a spectrum but with little middle ground, by my observation.
The problem is that they depress or eliminate the middle ground, along with innovation.
It is now hunting readers in the overcrowded middle ground, where the line between broadsheet and tabloid is blurring.
But it also disguises the real drift of party policy, which is towards the middle ground.
In the past year, however, the middle ground has begun to resemble quicksand.
The middle ground tends to be more honest about an establishment.
The party's strategists insist that it needs to do more to capture the middle ground of politics.
He writes that a middle ground must be struck, in which regulation is effective and extensive, but not too extensive.
Both sides need to be leant upon to find some kind of middle ground.
These two definitely do not land on the middle ground.
The police, trying to hold the middle ground, managed to keep destruction and injuries to a barely acceptable minimum.
But by the other metrics it occupies a healthy middle ground.
Between these polar extremes there was a middle ground.
They are blurring anyway, as families intermarry and politics moves towards the middle ground.
It took a couple of weeks for the two sides to work toward a middle ground.
The two sides were quickly able to find a middle ground.
It took a little over a week for the two sides to find a middle ground.
Matt seems to have found a happy middle ground this week.
It took a little more than three weeks for the two sides to reach a middle ground.
Point out to the students the differences between the background, middle ground, and foreground in each image.
M2 districts occupy the middle ground between light and heavy industrial areas.
Program staffers work to find some middle ground satisfactory to both the railroad and the shipper.
The canyons, where the people were created, are represented by the purple in the middle ground.
There is a reasonable middle ground on benefit design.
In an election year, candidates are expected to anchor their campaigns in the middle ground.
As frequent visitors to the local video outlet know, there is scant middle ground these days.
On the question of the autonomy demanded by the regions, thus far no middle ground appears to have opened up.

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