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Example sentences for middle ear

To hear the lower frequencies, they evolved an ever larger apparatus in the middle ear.
Sixty-three percent of the influenza-infected mice developed the flu and then also contracted middle ear infections.
The middle ear and auditory tube are developed from the first pharyngeal pouch.
As a plane takes off and lands, rapid air pressure changes inside the cabin increase the pressure in the middle ear.
To unstop them, you need to regain the pressure balance between the middle ear and your eardrum.
The major nerve carrying taste signals travels through the middle ear on its way from tongue to brain.
Finding a bird with three bones in its middle ear would be the same thing.
The signal is processed by electronics and sent to a tiny vibrating piston implanted against the small bones in the middle ear.
The air pressure in the middle ear is usually the same as the air pressure outside of the body.
The middle ear is a complex structure filled with air that surrounds a chain of three tiny bones.
Such movements can change the pressure in the middle ear and give incorrect test results.
Your doctor should also specifically see signs of fluid and middle ear inflammation.
The middle ear is a complex structure filled with air and made of tiny bones.
In some cases, a sample is collected from the middle ear during ear surgery.
Placing an antibiotic called gentamicin directly into the middle ear can help control vertigo.
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