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Example sentences for middle

Cut lengthwise around the middle to the center and twist halves apart.
We are in the middle of nowhere but the center of everything.
Check out the website of our magazine for striving readers in middle school.
Trunk is swollen at base, tapering toward top, sometimes swollen toward middle.
They turned more easily because they concentrated the skier's weight at the middle of the ski's inside blade edge.
Take advantage of the taller types for the middle or back of borders.
Many domesticated plants pollinate in the middle of the day.
Use in the middle or rear of a perennial border, grow in a large container, or use as a screening plant.
The middle layer is a pumpkin pie baked inside a yellow cake.
And terribly exhilarating to be in the middle of a cloud of swarming bees.
My kids and all of their friends got through middle school without the issues that plagued many in my big mega middle school.
The air was so murky that drivers had to use headlights in the middle of the day.
Standing in the middle of the largest gypsum field in the world, you may feel as if you are on another planet.
Tie raffia around the place where the husks meet in the middle.
He may nod off in the middle of a lecture, meeting or conversation.
Writing about science and society invites reactions, good and bad, from the middle to the fringe.
The middle is softer and dissipates energy by deforming.
If you look closely around the middle of the tail, you can see the traces of soft tissue.
Remember to leave space for any stamped design that will show through from the middle card.
It has to do with a small part of our brain called the middle temporal area.
Throw away the red brush of anthers in the middle when you're done, and have another one.
It's astonishing to have such ornate refinement in the middle of the stark landscape.
Whatever their histories, the number of people divorced in their middle years is increasingly visible.
Some customers complained of the horns going off in the middle of the night.
It's not easy to take a urine test in the middle of a firefight.
The game continues until one player has no letters left and there are no more letters in the middle.
It's a glorified toy built by middle-aged hobbyists moonlighting as rocket scientists.
In between are the middle managers, which do a bit of both.
At the time he was standing right in the middle of the dotcom boom.
The anchor in the middle of the picture represents ocean exploration.
The bad news is that the demographic maths imply that equity valuations will continue to fall until the middle of this decade.
Or at the same nominal salary you could live today, a middle income earner.
The shaded section in the middle represents the overlap of the two sets, with answers in this area working for both sets.
Each satellite has a small camera that middle school students can request be aimed at target areas on the moon for study.
The top layer, for example, captures the energy of blue light while the middle layer absorbs green and the bottom uses red.
The future of communication may lie somewhere in the middle.
It has been a busy and productive week out here in the middle of this big blue ocean.
Why not make all cars connected to a track in the middle of the road.
Real family income for families in the middle was flat.
The middle region of the upper zone is called the epigastric, and the two lateral regions the right and left hypochondriac.
The lateral parts of the middle fossa are of considerable depth, and support the temporal lobes of the brain.
It is well-marked and prominent at the upper and middle parts of the bone.
Near the middle of this line a nutrient foramen is often seen.
The middle of the lower border of the anterior nasal aperture, at the base of the anterior nasal spine.
And in the middle of this room was a guy wearing no clothes, shivering, playing the flute.
Now you can do a mini-movie or a short with a beginning, middle and end.
He crossed carrying a table and chair, stopping in the middle to try to sit down and prop up his legs.
It is missing a chunk in the middle and ends abruptly, mid-sentence, in the middle of the final of five books.
It hopes to have that up and running by the middle of the century.
He took a seat on a chair in the middle of the stage and tucked his legs up under him in the lotus position.
Of late there has been much less found usually blooming in early to middle spring.
The main thing that tickled her was that there were pubs in the middle of campus.
Put a metal rack in pan and arrange half of herbs down middle of rack.
The actual cutting is done between the middle and the heel of the blade, and not near the tip.
We are living in the middle of a revolution in consciousness.
Tom's flat was a kip, and the bed sagged badly in the middle.
Tables and chairs and umbrellas will be arranged to form makeshift cafés in the middle of the street.
When the writer was in the middle of the journey of his life, he decided to learn how to draw.
At that moment, a taxi stopped in the middle of the intersection and let get in.
Meaning that often he lives silent in the middle of the world's music.
He had the beginning of a cold sore in the middle of his upper lip.
Some of his peers appreciate his moxie in starting a luxury label in the middle of a recession.
And the citations on genealogy date to the middle aughts.
You're supposed to be ready and able to get up in the middle of the night.
Bars may form when galaxies collide, and they might be an indication of a galaxy reaching middle age.
It's a bit tough to see, but it's the oddly wobbly circular shape right in the middle of this photo.
The middle layer of speckled green represents several layers of photoreceptors, which developed in response to the transplant.
The signal is processed by electronics and sent to a tiny vibrating piston implanted against the small bones in the middle ear.
The wing box begins in roughly the middle of the plane and extends about two-thirds of the wingspan.
The smallest of these would use one engine, the middle version five engines, the largest nine engines.
Or how about an air conditioner sitting up on the roof in the middle of the day in the blazing hot sun trying to cool.
Imagine trying to remain calm and composed while working in the middle of a war zone, a natural disaster, or other crisis.
Both those magazines are for people in their middle age.
If he was right and the housing market crashed, these firms in the middle of the market were sure to lose a lot of money.
Think of a spider in the middle of a web, and all those silky strands bring him information on what's coming for dinner.

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