midafternoon in a sentence

Example sentences for midafternoon

For less grand hostelries, it is a neat way to fill a formerly dead zone in midafternoon.
It also schedules parades for midafternoon, when people might be tempted to head back to their hotel for a swim or a nap.
Giant oil tankers lined up at both ends until the fog lifted in midafternoon.
The sea peeked through at every turn, now bottle-green in the midafternoon sun.
By midafternoon, the balance of power shifts toward the guests.
The body was not removed from the courtyard until midafternoon.
Each health care provider was interviewed midmorning and midafternoon.
By midafternoon all movable property was under shelter and all aircraft in operational status was secured in hangars.
In such conditions, operations between midmorning and midafternoon can become extremely hazardous.
By early to midafternoon, conditions were optimal for long-track killer tornadoes.
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