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After hundreds of years, the most common, basic microscopes still operate by means of the same old hardware: the lens.
Glimpse living algae through a microscope.
And despite the microscope on his every move, he says he's having a blast.
My students are looking at sea urchin embryos under the microscope.
Today's pro athletes think they're under the microscope.
But it's not all business inside a chip fab, as these microscope photos reveal.
Taste is the microscope of the judgment.
The agent was using tweezers and a scalpel to handle the bullet under a microscope when it exploded unexpectedly.
Photomicrograph of a neuron's cell body and the dendrites radiating out of it, obtained with a scanning electron microscope.
All independent variables must be on the table and under the microscope.
Three days later, microscope examination of the brain slices revealed it to be dotted with the distinctive spindle-shaped cells.
Our main tools were a microscope, petri dishes, an oven and patience.
Examination under a high-powered microscope revealed a trio of narrow grooves cut into the fragile wax.
Progress will be watched through a microscope, by time-lapse photography.
The disease can be identified definitively only by putting blood smears under a microscope.
Having obtained his specimens, he photographed them under a microscope, using ultraviolet light.
He and his team spiked their beer with extra fibres from a cut-up coffee filter and watched the bubbles form under a microscope.
The new system means that museum staff can set up the microscope on request to let taxonomists look at the specimen over the web.
It had been seen some years before under a microscope, but no one could explain it.
Being the individual cells of an economy, firms are easier to put under the microscope.
The images were made with a scanning electron microscope, which uses beams of electrons to trace the surfaces of objects.
Scientists put the dust under the microscope and try to discern its message.
What he found on inspection with a microscope astounded him.
You'd have to look at it under an electron microscope to see the intricate structure.
Under a microscope, the vessels and soft tissues display the same form of calcium that you find in bone.
Improved field-emission microscope images electron orbitals, confirming their theoretical shapes.
They looked at those fault rocks with an electron microscope.
They have been placed under a microscope and that every behavior or thought no matter how insignificant.
He tells of visiting a friend's fertility lab and observing early embryos under a microscope.
Instead they go on and on how they focus their microscope to learn more about the tracks they etched into their plastic sheets.
However, when viewed under a microscope, the sight tends to disagree with the taste.
Running the game produces a variety of proliferating structures reminiscent of microorganisms seen under a microscope.
He or she will examine the skin scraping under a microscope to look for yeast forms typical of tinea versicolor.
Under a fluorescence microscope, cancer cells caught in the device have an intense green halo.
The frozen sample is then bombarded with a beam of electrons from an electron microscope.
Both images were made using a scanning electron microscope.
Currently, doctors select embryos for transfer based on a crude visual inspection under the microscope.
These images of a prism made from the material were taken with a scanning electron microscope.
Take three pairs of new microscope slides out the package.
The disease gets its name because this damage isn't visible under a regular microscope.
These two types look different from each other under the microscope.
In the laboratory, the blood is placed on a microscope slide.
Grading is based on the appearance of the tumor cells as seen under a microscope.
When examined under the microscope, there are a number of different cell types of ovarian cancer.
Putting the fossil under a microscope, he discovered the sac was filled with tiny spheres.
Such activities include typing or other computer work, fine work with the hands, and using a microscope.
If skin cancer is a possibility, a piece of skin will be removed from the area so that is can be examined under a microscope.
The mixture is checked under a microscope for signs of antibody reaction.
Fibroids can be so tiny that you need a microscope to see them.
But microscope video can bring those places to life.
Finally, the conservators deployed a stereo microscope.
The authors fed these to the molecule using an scanning tunneling microscope tip.
McNamara's team used an electron microscope to photograph the moth fossil's wing surface.
He understood their anatomy, he possessed a microscope, he could speed through the professional literature.
Under an electron microscope, however, they balloon into terrifying yet beautiful spectacles.
They examined the hull with an electron microscope and energy-dispersive x-ray to determine its composition.
Without the use of a microscope or any other magnifying devices, the laser itself permits the tremendous leap in scale.
It consists of a few dozen cells that together are too small to be seen without a microscope.
So it is no small feat to create an inexpensive fluorescent microscope, an instrument often used by medical researchers.
In fact, the average one-celled amoeba looks far perkier under a microscope than a fertilized human egg.
The microscope has a high-resolution color digital camera and controller.
The microscope shall be capable of providing stereo coaxial illumination.
The delivery order is for the purchase of a microscope scanner system.

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