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Example sentences for microorganisms

The bubbling torrent is full of fecal microorganisms responsible for typhoid, cholera and amoebic dysentery.
The hot bath kills harmful microorganisms, seals the jars and makes them airtight.
Don't be surprised if your kids are clamoring for microorganisms this holiday season.
He knew that microorganisms could live in oxygen-deprived environments by processing things such as sulfate and methane.
For decomposition to take place, microorganisms must be present to break down the materials.
Biodegradation occurs when bacteria or other microorganisms break down oil as part of their life cycle.
Composting requires microorganisms that thrive in damp, oxygen-rich conditions.
Nutrients from the hippos' dung provide food for microorganisms, which in turn are food for fish.
Their underbellies take on a yellowish hue from the millions of microorganisms that take up residence in their skin.
Of great interest to the scientists this year is the complex life of the microorganisms living at the hydrothermal vent sites.
At this temperature beneficial microorganisms thrive.
The body normally hosts a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi.
Genome projects have also been established for plants, microorganisms, and animal species.
Without treatment, the babies would be killed by microorganisms that ordinarily pose no threat.
Hot vents deep in the ocean harbor thousands of previously unknown microorganisms, scientists report.
The range of conditions would have impacted the microorganisms present.
Science can modify microorganisms that reduce fertility, to be non pathogenic.
But what we're really worried about is all the microorganisms that rely on that marsh.
Microorganisms multiply so fast on decaying areas that the processing might not be able to destroy them all.
Running the game produces a variety of proliferating structures reminiscent of microorganisms seen under a microscope.
Today people would rather look into the microorganisms, namely methanogenic bacteria, in the dog's intestines.
While saliva is teeming with microorganisms of various kinds, normal urine is sterile.
For reasons still not totally understood, microorganisms cannot survive on fabrics treated with the polymer.
Dental researchers are making significant strides in identifying the microorganisms that colonize the mouth.
In microbial fuel cells, naturally occurring microorganisms oxidize wastewater.
Microorganisms then process those sugars to make liquid fuels.
Research has shown that bacteria and microorganisms can become more virulent in space.
These microorganisms could be further engineered to make liquid fuels.
The trick was to get the pH balance and temperature right for the mixture of enzymes and microorganisms the researchers selected.
Say what you will about the simple, uninteresting lives of microorganisms, they're tough little critters.
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