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So the question isn't whether you should have a microchip implanted.
Pressing a button on its base plays back spoken prescription information, stored in a microchip, through a miniature speaker.
Microchip makers and personal-computer manufacturers are already slogging it out with rivals, and casualties are mounting.
It would make money selling a small microchip embedded in bricks and devices that would conduct the power flow.
He took her to a shelter, where workers thankfully scanned her for a microchip that revealed her owners' information.
Badges issued to visitors have a microchip scannable at electronic checkpoints.
Each tag incorporates a tiny microchip encoded with a unique identification number.
Conversion cells can even be produced using microchip production methods.
The coolant directly underneath the microchip heats up and evaporates.
The visitor's badge has a microchip scannable at electronic checkpoints.
The camera will send images to a microchip implanted in the eyeball that channels the input to the brain.
Futurists make much of the collapse of time and space that is being ushered in by world telecommunications and the microchip.
The certificate proves ownership of the animal and provides evidence of all vaccinations and microchip status.
Some animals may be able to wriggle out of their collars, but a microchip will stay with them no matter what.
In one developing technology, a microchip in the weapon stores images of the authorized users' fingerprints.
Its bottom half is a rubber pad with a microchip embedded inside.
The floors are less dusty than those in a microchip-processing plant.
Now, with the increasing wizardry of autofocus cameras, the magic is becoming pure microchip.
The microchip that forms the heart of the modern computer comes with a surprising limitation- it is hardwired.
Modern microchip designers have numerous digital backup copies of their work.
There's still time to experiment, because mems manufacturers don't yet have a burning need for a ciliated microchip.
Lyric has introduced a fundamentally new kind of microchip that is based on probabilities rather than binary logic.
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