microbiology in a sentence

Example sentences for microbiology

His research became the basis for the new field of microbiology.
Included among the fundamentals are in-depth overviews of microbiology and food safety, even nutrition and health issues.
It is the smell of an unfolding revolution in microbiology.
Academic careers have been built on studying the microbiology of bites.
His discoveries have implications for microbiology, archaeology-even astrophysics.
But their ability to discover and study these microbes was impaired because of primitive microbiology tools.
The successful candidate will teach in the life science curriculum with special emphasis in microbiology.
Preference will be given to individuals who also possess expertise in the field of microbiology.
Microbiology, because you must isolate the bacteria or virus.
College studies were in chemistry and microbiology, environmental health, exercise physiology and human nutrition.
So there's a nurture vs nature debate in microbiology as well.
There were lots of people doing the microbiology part.
However, rising oil prices are having a ripple effect, and industrial microbiology began to gain momentum a few years ago.
He holds a bachelor's degree in microbiology and a master's in bacteriology.
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