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Example sentences for microbial

No aspect of biomedical research seems more urgent today than the study of microbial diseases.
Give it a daily spin to keep the microbial party going.
Cheese is an everyday artifact of microbial artistry.
And by reducing the microbial community, you also run the risk of reducing protection against the pathogens.
Scientists believe the lake could be home to cold-loving microbial life adapted to living in total darkness.
Our scent is really the outcome of microbial processing of our sweat.
Identifying plant microbes is not easy, because microbial cells are embedded in plant tissue.
Finally, iodine is added for microbial control, much the way municipal water authorities add chlorine to city drinking water.
The challenge for those who wish to ward off microbial bad guys is to identify that weak spot.
And the microbial content of forest floors ensure that debris is rapidly metabolized.
Modern cities seem to be perpetually teetering at the brink of one crisis or another, be it chemical or microbial in origin.
Major morphological changes in microbial form and function have previously been observed.
The inhabitants of this microbial world have also evolved genes that counteract antibiotics.
Some of the more sophisticated molecular work has looked at the composition of these microbial communities.
The historical trade off of cooking is microbial safety, tenderness, and taste.
Variation in our microbial inhabitants could help tailor efforts to treat illness.
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