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In the case of bacteria, the polymer seems to work by gouging holes in a microbe's cell wall and spilling out its contents.
Rous was cautious, hesitant to claim that the microbe causing cancer in chickens was a virus.
Also noteworthy, this is not the only common microbe found in humans having genes which can manipulate host neurotransmitters.
For a microbe already adapted to one species to adapt to another can be difficult and require a lot of evolutionary time.
Sometimes, it unleashes a potentially lethal overreaction to the invading microbe.
Thus once the arms race has been won, using the same old antibiotics is useless against a microbe which has evolved resistance.
Families no longer drink microbe soup, so they spend less time sick or caring for loved ones stricken with waterborne diseases.
Basically, if you have a gene patent, it means you've managed to isolate a new gene from a microbe and it's yours to profit from.
The microbe becomes locked in a sugar-feasting feedback loop.
It's metabolically inefficient for a microbe to be resistant to both an extreme environment and high radiation.
Theories put forth so far include that the microbe had an extraterrestrial origin.
The microbe and the frog already exist as natural symbionts in nature.
Knowing his microbe produced surfactant, he pitched the chemical to companies making shampoo and body wash.
Toxic strains of a common gut microbe are multiplying.
The scientists were trying to use mousepox virus to create an artificial strain of the microbe that would render mice infertile.
When a microbe makes a wax ester from the molecules available to it, it also generates a water molecule.
Prions, the type of microbe that causes the disease, cannot be detected by a blood test.
The microbe in question may indeed change, but it is still the same organism.
Even the smallest microbe can figure out how to find food, eat, excrete and multiply.
Some researchers are trying to build the ultimate microbe in the lab, one that could combine the two key steps of the process.
Such a recombination creates new viruses, and in theory could turn a benign microbe into a biological time bomb.
Others, such as hot dogs and beef stew, are sealed in microbe-blocking plastic bags.
In this way they can identify both the food source of an outbreak and the contaminating microbe.
The danger is that patients could receive a previously unknown microbe along with their transplants.
It is a microbe that can withstand an incredible range of conditions.
Bleach is the king of microbe killers, but before now no one knew quite why.
The microbe-free animals were more active and, in specific behavioral tests, were less anxious than microbe-colonized mice.
Colloidal silver does not harm the helpful micro flora of the gut and no microbe can develop a resistance to it.
In a scalding spring, one species of microbe is becoming two.
By setting one microbe against another in this way, they began the antibiotic revolution.

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