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Example sentences for mettle

He balances sentimentality with frank delight in testing the reader's mettle.
If you are a research scholar, test your mettle and spot the moniker.
Let's give him a chance to show his mettle.
The film is more than just a look at fanatics testing their mettle.
Foundation hospitals, which have more freedom to run their affairs, are starting to show their mettle.
Practice days like this test the mettle of college athletes.
Playing them, the orchestra finally began to show its mettle.
For every instrument, there is music that tests a player's mettle.
Today, multiple takes required for commercials and films test her mettle.
The time has come for those cells to prove their reputed mettle.
Watching the pair, it was tempting to imagine them in material that deserved their mettle.
There a few things that define the true mettle of a musical group.
The industry intends to use its monster warehouse to test the mettle of airplanes, trucks, and even wind turbines.
The true test of this surgical revolution's technological mettle, however, will come in the area of performance enhancement.
By this day and this light, the fellow has mettle enough in his belly.
It is when something unexpected goes wrong that a company really shows its mettle.
But if they were untrue, it shows an odd lack of mettle to have given up because of them.
In the meantime, an increase in three sorts of cases is likely to try the court's mettle.
And as for press conferences or interviews that might test his mettle, forget it.
But he has also given voters weightier reasons to doubt his mettle.
Even those who think he is canny enough to tack right after winning wonder if he has the mettle to face down his party.
Today's round showcased his scrambling ability and mettle.
The experiment will also test the mettle of the chaplain corps in each of the military services.
He should give us a chance to judge his mettle on the largest political stage.
We use case exercises to test the trainees' mettle in real-life situations and mirror what they will experience in the field.
They likely have proven their mettle in mission critical situations demanding endurance, stamina and flexibility.
The course puts students in real-life scenarios and tests their mettle, because there are no second chances when called to help.
They likely have proven their mettle in mission critical situations demanding endurance, stamina, and flexibility.
Invisible droplets dampen my cheeks, but not my mettle.
It was a tragic time that tested the mettle of the families, friends and colleagues of those who were killed.
Gomez offered some mitigating evidence involving his mettle as a father and his participation in community projects.

Famous quotes containing the word mettle

What a blunt fellow is this grown to be! He was quick mettle when he went to school.... more
Well, Brutus, thou art noble, yet I see Thy honorable mettle may be wrought From that it is disposed.... more
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