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Moreover, the metric entirely ignores teaching quality.
Proceeding down the scale leads one inexorably to yocto-, a metric prefix meaning one-septillionth.
If you go by the metric standard, everything in the universe is getting heavier.
Two centuries ago even common folk could grasp the metric system of measurement.
Whatever your metric, standards adjust to meet the metric.
Once, the only metric was how many scientific papers a mission produced.
The metric motorcycle manufacturers have responded with vast accessory catalogues.
Applications are, of course, a proxy for popularity and a metric of merit.
But second, it may represent a sort of arms race, particularly on the third metric.
The sheer metric tonnage of killing in our favorite games essentially requires that there be some sort of cleanup crew.
As for measuring any successes, the best available metric is the total cost of textbooks to students.
Many people try to benchmark local and state government but there is no actual metric you can look for.
Even if you use a metric as simple as professionals' time-on-task, the for-profits tend to win.
The creators of the chart should have used a different metric.
Key information is provided about time zones, metric conversions, and geographic terms.
We'll provide exact standard and metric measurements below.
It's the closest metric approximation to the mile, and winning requires equal parts speed, endurance and cunning.
Yet one social networking metric is distinctly underwhelming: the one with a dollar sign.
Same-store sales are an important metric for investors.
Lacking a market capitalization, a tracking stock can't figure into an index that weights elements by this metric.
Per unit of land would be another interesting metric to look at.
You're never going to change the skeptics' minds with your fancy metric system.
NO, cause it is a standard metric of student's readiness for college.
So perhaps the model needs to have a split approach as oppose to a single metric.
It's professional life beyond formal education, where the metric is often supplied by one's peers.
What industry has learned is to figure out how to measure the right productivity metric.
In total, more than a hundred metric tons of space junk have been destroyed in the past year.
Meanwhile, some say that businesses can expect this to be a new metric by which their insurance premiums are calculated.
Seen from this perspective, the oft-cited metric of low to no turnout of identifiable demonstrators is beside the point.
If they are, then perhaps page views are a counterproductive metric.
Incomes are fairly easy to measure, so they have become the metric by which development is judged.
The beauty of her approach is that this is meant to be a clean measure of spatial versus temporal components of the metric.
It might not make fiscal sense to send humans into space, according to a certain financial metric.
Nonirrigated areas average one to two metric tons a hectare.
Measurements within the metric system are based on units of ten.

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