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Example sentences for meticulously

But I fear no one will read your articles, no matter how meticulously researched.
They have documented it meticulously.
It is a marvelous colonial building that has been meticulously restored.
Greetings were more formal, more subdued, voices more meticulously polite.
He rounds off a workmanlike text, meticulously researched,
The second volume again delivers meticulously preserved rare prints.
Like any glaze, veal glaze is a meticulously reduced stock.
Some are meticulously researched, others thrown together with little if any documentation.
Students are instructed to cite meticulously, write flawlessly in no more than 5 pages.
The meticulously trained horses are known for being able to perform highly stylized prancing, jumps and other moves.
And, gaps or not, scientists have been and still are painfully and meticulously filling them in with the fossils they uncover.
Every obstacle on the route is meticulously labeled.
On its northern slope is a wooded park meticulously groomed to create the impression of untouched wildness.
Someone at this moment is tallying up commas or meticulously computing adjective-to-adverb ratios.
Meticulously decorated, dated, and featuring a different design every year.
They retrieve them by meticulously pecking and probing with their short bills.
Groundwater levels are meticulously monitored and have remained stable for the past nine years, according to course officials.
The nets are meticulously checked and any hole is mended.
It's a slow night, and as you watch her patiently clean barware and meticulously line up bottles you know she's got time to talk.
It's an amazing work, filled with a visual intelligence that's meticulously composed and obscenely clever.
He was always meticulously dressed in tailored suits and handmade shoes and boots.
Many athletes have been meticulously monitoring personal metrics for decades.
Every case is listed, tracked, and meticulously investigated.
The underlying grid still consists of thousands of cells, with the physics meticulously worked out in each one.
The original building, now meticulously restored, dates back to the second century.
The garden's meticulously maintained grounds feature lush subtropical foliage, sculptured bushes and fountains.
All of the vehicles are immaculately clean and meticulously engineered.
Foreign-language reports are meticulously translated to capture as many vernacular nuances as possible.
The court performances were meticulously prepared and rehearsed.
Yet in my first hours here, shopkeepers, waiters-even a taxi-driver-are meticulously polite.
First, it is so well written and meticulously researched that despite its fastidious attention to detail it is a pleasure to read.
In other words, spheres of influence must be clearly drawn among the different civilizations and meticulously observed.
The first is a meticulously researched and marvelously detailed account of the various groups that took part in this effort.
Her long hair is meticulously glued to her pert and perky breasts.
It pulls audiences into a meticulously detailed universe, familiar in many respects, wacked and menacing in many others.
The grounds offer a peaceful setting with acres of meticulously manicured lawns, and authentic gardens.
The result is an elegantly written, meticulously researched book that is empathetic and enlightening, scholarly and useful.

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