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The list that follows pairs plant groups with the watering methods that work best for each.
Vines that twine, climb by tendrils or coiling leafstalks, or scramble are pruned by similar methods.
These could also be joined by other methods or made from larger pieces of wood.
Control pests and diseases with nonchemical methods or low-toxicity chemicals and by choosing varieties that resist disease.
For something more traditional try one of our easy methods for planked salmon.
Her methods work on any kind of evergreen at any size that you can reach with shears.
We've found that the honey extractor and the fancy filters make the honey harvest much easier than our old honey harvest methods.
It was not the first time that conscience has turned against the methods of research.
To maintain a democracy of effort requires a vast amount of patience in dealing with differing methods, a vast amount of humility.
Every language has its special method or methods of binding words into a larger unity.
One affects certain methods and another affects entirely different methods.
The current methods of annexing the property of others are characterized by a pleasing indirectness and refinement.
In what has been said about fiction as a picturing of life, something has already been implied as to the methods involved.
The methods employed by the bookseller and publisher for advertising his books are mainly a matter of surmise.
Varying methods of syllabifying are also responsible for noteworthy acoustic differences.
He was a reformer of charity methods, as of bad political methods in his own fold.
He travels around the world finding the best ingredients and methods for chocolate-making.
One of the newest methods relies on a gene that makes algae sensitive to light.
He invented the basic methods of artificially binding nitrogen through the use of hydrocarbons.
Doctors detected nothing using x-rays or other conventional methods short of surgery.
His food-sourcing methods have resulted in kitchen creations such as owl curry and badger stew.
The best places to buy them are directly at the factories that continue to produce them using traditional methods.
The technique is more efficient and more precise than previous methods.
The book illuminates the lives of the two pioneers who were both determined to prove that methods of inoculation could work.
Her identification methods consisted of patiently training her microscope on grains of starch caught in the calculus.
The device has already proven capable of targeting deep brain regions, unlike existing methods.
Here are five up-and-coming methods that are ready for their close-up.
The inevitable companion app offers two control methods.
Ask students to share some of the successes they experienced and some of the possible flaws that they see with these methods.
Explain to students that in marine biology, professionals use many methods of collecting data.
Remote sensing consists of using aerial photography and other methods to view what cannot be seen with the unaided eye.
The hedgehog was named because of its peculiar foraging methods.
Organic farmers, however, try to avoid chemicals and artificial methods entirely.
Students discuss the navigation methods of migratory animals.
New methods for reducing bat kills are being tested in the field, and initial results are promising.
Green energy technologies include solar, wind and other power-generation methods that do not require burning fuels to produce.
Improvements in modern home-building methods are helping to reduce the impact humans have on the environment.
They harvest the sea's bounty by traditional methods.
Brainstorm methods of moving goods around the globe.
But some use more active methods of self-propulsion, including shooting a stream of water from their mouths.
Previous researchers had provided lists of similar-sounding and look-alike words, but their methods were unscientific.
With vanishingly few exceptions, required first-year graduate methods courses are dinosaurs and weeds.
Blends an economist's methods with practical insights.
Or perhaps others have used similar methods with good results.
The timing, methods, and significance of interpersonal interaction continually change along with our uses of technology.
Not all job posts will appear through all of these methods.
Evidence of effective teaching in educational measurement, research methods or evaluation at the college level is desired.
It's important for each individual to adopt methods that he/she feels are conducive to them.
The researchers found geographic profiling to have a strong advantage over the other methods.
My frustration is not with these studies' methods but with the conclusions generally reached by the authors.
Try one of a number of alternative methods for getting a fire started outdoors.
When comparing the cost of driving to other methods of travel, consider whether you will need to stop for the night.
First and foremost, it's best to stick to payment methods that don't require any extra items to make them secure.
However, neither of these methods allow the barista full control over the extraction process.
The methods he details are numerous and he includes their historical practice with varying levels of success.
The winning designs aimed to improve on conventional collection methods.
The two conventional farming methods differed in whether or not farmyard manure was used to supplement chemical fertilizer.
Both methods exploit the fact that some gelling mixtures do not set unless ions, charged molecules, are present.
But it often takes weeks for traditional disease surveillance methods to reveal an illness's spread.
With ever-increasing computer power and advances in quantum computing, however, such methods may soon become breakable.
They haven't been able to solve the protein structure using standard computational methods.
The newer methods of identification rely heavily on both probability theory and precise measurement.
There seems to be no desire to moderate our methods.
Better diagnostic methods could allow us to treat cancer sooner enough without actually requiring better treatment methods.
Ongoing teacher training ensures that teaching methods are up to date.
They have begun by explaining more to outsiders, including journalists, how they work and what methods they use to set ratings.
Although not torture, such methods did amount to inhumane treatment, the court ruled.
Methods of enforcing discipline are described in other alleged recordings.
The variety of methods they use hints at the difficulties.
Microbes, for example, have developed successful methods to manoeuvre within bodily fluids.
It is unclear whether similar methods may still be officially sanctioned.
These methods are as expensive and time consuming as they sound.
Then there is the question of how the new methods compare with existing approaches.
Indeed, it was the fastest performing of the methods tested.
More ambitiously, he wants to rethink the school's hallowed teaching methods.
If it goes well, the same methods will be tried elsewhere.
Computational methods for structure prediction still have a way to go before they could replace experimental methods.
They talk of using herbicides strategically, while continuing mechanical methods and introducing biological controls.
There is plenty of unrelated, often quirky physics going on there, sometimes relying on surprisingly frugal methods.
Finally, the grains that comprise the livestock diet have been refined by methods that are energy-intensive as well as polluting.
In addition, they may carry on a campaign of education aimed to persuade individuals to adopt rational methods.
Far more significant is the fact that his research methods would be considered unscientific today.
On the moral spectrum of performance-enhancing methods, these tents are on the accepted side.
Cruel fishing methods once again endanger dolphins.
The groups did not report any differences in sensation between the different methods.
Tenure calcifies teaching methods, he said, makes professors impervious to criticism and generally weakens departments.
Still, revising the methods of such a genius is to diminish exactly what made his genius work.
Protein is tightly bound to the exoskeletons, and his team needs to devise more-efficient separation methods.
New types of scientists began to think about biology and they brought new methods and ways of thinking.
My methods involved personal reflection for a good ten minutes before sitting down to write this item.
Two methods of treating these newcomers seemed equally logical to opposite sorts of minds.
Both merely examine prevailing methods for raising beef and conclude that these methods are environmentally damaging.
To test how effective various methods are, researchers gave participants two different types of brochures.
Magazines and companies relied on the language of science fiction to sell new flowers, many created using methods from the form.
Such a request might fly with a sugar daddy, but this ├╝ber-rich gentleman was pursuing me by traditional methods.
The teacher's unorthodox methods humble the student and even cause him to quit, albeit temporarily.
Loud, goofy music playing was one of the best methods of self-soothing.
Offering such a windfall is a political impossibility, so the president naturally has to curry favor through other methods.
He had a sophisticated knowledge of the department's methods.
The real genius is in creating these tricks, not in giving away the methods.
People have devised any number of methods to help them remember well more than ten digits.
Given his methods, he couldn't accomplish even what he said that he wanted.
Building materials and methods may be inappropriate, especially if money comes from far away and there's little oversight.
Consequently, our solution is an ensemble of many methods.
When anyone pressed him about his investment methods, he hinted that he couldn't reveal his lucrative strategies.
He applied statistical methods to the study of evolution and heredity and called this science biometrics.
He has worked out a dozen or so new methods of teaching mnemonics.
Considering the number of things that can go wrong, his reconnaissance methods are surprisingly low-tech.
Key point: replication of bad statistical methods does not ever equal good statistical sampling.
The three methods your mind uses to reverse, speed, and even slow the minutes.
These experiences cannot easily, if at all, be measured or tested by scientific methods.
Researchers say that different teaching methods may help those with dyscalculia grasp mathematical concepts.
If both methods yield comparable measurements, the researchers will know they are closing in on solid data.
As a result, she believes, the current methods for cleaning wastewater generated by fracking are woefully inadequate.
The scientific methods of the last sixty years are in many cases unrealistically lab focussed.
Activated by light, it solves several of the problems inherent in the usual methods.
The samples come from an area that has already been dated by argon-argon methods.
Engineers apply weather forecasting methods to earthquake prediction.
The paper used a lot of experimental methods, and these are probably the way to go.
The final set of methods outlined in this paper looked at ancestry on a more fine-grained genomic scale.
The reason survival rates increase is because of advocacy and awareness which drives research funding and early detection methods.
So cardiologists also use isotope imaging, echocardiograms, and other methods to gather data.
The concrete can be mixed and applied using traditional methods.
Copying these shapes will also be difficult with today's methods of manufacture so advances will be needed in this area too.
Current methods of diagnosing an infectious disease can take days to weeks.
But current methods for testing these proteins are too expensive and require too much blood to be performed regularly.
Researchers have shown that three novel imaging techniques can detect mild brain damage not visible using traditional methods.
Researchers have been making these materials with such time-consuming methods as electron-beam lithography.
There are many methods of plugging the leaks in steel pipes, he says, depending on whether the pipe is on land or under the sea.
The one in the background is made with conventional manufacturing methods.
One away to get around this could be to invent new, and far cheaper manufacturing methods.
My silence indicates my skepticism about all precooked teaching methods and strategies.
There's little evidence that traditional methods or materials are being used, despite claims to the contrary.
First, traditional subjects and methods seem to retain their educational value.
Nor were modern methods of contraception mainly responsible.
Jobseekers are grouped by the methods used to seek work.
Unconventional methods were used by both antiquity's weak and strong.
Top architects are implementing revolutionary methods.

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