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Example sentences for methodically

Officers started methodically pulling clenched bodies from the group, one after another, and led the arrested out of park.
She was methodically shooting those that had the best chance at getting to her next.
Credit evaluations for mortgage applicants are often methodically carried out using tax returns.
Rice's breakthrough is based on conventional bulk fluid industry processes, methodically adapted over a nine-year period.
Methodically measuring his feces volume to test how well his nutritional supplements were working.
Over the past two decades, he has methodically consolidated power.
His body hidden inside, he methodically lifted bucket after bucket of excrement over his head, upending them on the street.
That's because normally they use their higher memory capacity to methodically work through a problem.
They upgraded the power supply and methodically tracked the slightest variation in each diamond synthesis attempt.
But the book moves methodically and persuasively through the statistical evidence.
The best way to see my city is slowly and methodically.
From a biologist's point of view, there is one important factor that seems to be methodically overlooked in this debate.
He methodically gets the cart with the brooms and the cleaning chemicals and gets to work.
The first half of the film slowly, methodically introduces the characters and their motivations.
To speak methodically and correctly, he ought at first to write his discourses.
They do so methodically, communicating via hand signals, fingers on their triggers.
He did so swiftly and methodically, sweeping away whole layers of managers and directors.
But these claims are put forward methodically, in an incremental fashion.
He methodically triangulated his way to this spot, where an elderly couple live with a nasty old dog penned in back.
He methodically raked them, from right to left and back.
My father had money, and he spent his money methodically.
Watching the league methodically extract excitement from every touchdown and kickoff is bad enough.
Therefore, everything has to be planned and carried out far more methodically than in temperate climates.
The nettles that methodically overgrow the abandoned homesteads of exiles.
Methodically she laid out the rent arrears, the rate of repayment.
Quietly and methodically, they are making impressive progress.
When done methodically and well, bagging can keep a patient alive for as long as it takes to prepare for intubation.
He methodically summarizes the drug and transplant treatments for her disease.
To avoid exposure, they developed spatial sense and learned to cover their hunting grounds methodically and efficiently.
His experiment could not have been done more carefully and methodically by either this or the last century's standards.
Then methodically, tediously and in endless conversation the plot unravels.
Slowly and methodically, the film insinuates itself into their culture.
He has methodically and ruthlessly dispatched all his rivals thus far.
The officer grabbed a clipboard and methodically took down basic details: names, ages, physical descriptions.
But their days of methodically trying to build a new set of skill or sharpen their old ones are long past them.
Our storm drains and culverts were checked, cleaned, and re-checked methodically.
The detectives methodically built a case against the suspect over the next year.

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