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Whether smart electric meters are ripping off consumers by overstating electricity use is now a matter of debate.
Like a little under half of the full meter.
The ship was moved one meter.
The first electric meter was invented quite by accident.
This 146-square-meter (1572-square-foot) apartment, on the 26th floor, has city views.
Sisson is consistently plain, if not always clear; in these poems, he is rarely adventurous in meter or language.
Three square feet do not equal one square meter.
The utility needs to install a new electric meter.
In short, Tononi is trying to develop a consciousness meter.
While shopping in Brooklyn last fall, he received a ticket for parking -- and not paying -- at a curbside meter.
For some reason, my sensitivity meter isn't working today.
Not even the arrival of a red van carrying a utility employee to read the estate's electric meter could break the mood.
And stop to admire a bicycle chained to a parking meter.
The best approach is to use wireless mesh networks, in which data are handed from one meter to the next.
It is the meter, two three syllable fragments that convey meaning.
Meter prices has risen far more than what indicated here.
The meter of her voice, the inflections-it was all intimately familiar.
The meter does not care what time of day it is or if the power is cheaper.
It is a meter it records how much energy is used, end of story.
Of course, utilities might not want to share the smart-meter market with other service providers.
However the meter could be recharged and used again with the next soldier.
The dimming could be detected by even a puny one-meter telescope.
On their own, bedbugs crawl about a meter a minute, he says.
And if you're expecting a refund, using it to buy an energy meter could be the best investment you make this year.
The size of the grains is measured in millionths of a meter, but the romantic journeys of pollen are epic.
Dashboard houses a kilowatt power meter instead of a tachometer.
Brightness is how much energy per second arrives at a location per square meter.
Each solar module is about one meter wide and five and a half meters long.
The size of a coffee mug, the cylindrical robot slides across a round meter-sized playpen on an apparently chaotic path.
Drivers who are late returning to their spots can use the app to add time to the meter remotely.
When crowds are moving, there should be no more than two to four people per square meter to prevent injury.
Reading your own meter is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are paying only for the natural gas you use.
The utility is responsible for the meter and required to own and maintain it.

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