meteorology in a sentence

Example sentences for meteorology

These principles guided the science of meteorology into the modern age.
The relatively new science of solar weather prediction remains argumentative, however, not unlike terrestrial meteorology.
Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere, focusing on weather processes and forecasting.
The same thing is about to happen to space meteorology.
His interests include playing the piano, studying elephants, and meteorology.
Though the region's meteorology has not changed, the perception among surfers has.
He was immersed in an independent project, following his interest in meteorology.
Elsewhere that quirk of meteorology might seem trivial.
Climatology is to meteorology what astrology is to astronomy.
Meteorology isn't considered one of the more dangerous professions.
Overall views of meteorology, including college courses.
What you need to know if you're thinking about pursuing a degree in meteorology.
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