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At present, it serves as a sea turtle sanctuary and is the site of an important meteorological station.
Presently a small military garrison oversees a meteorological station.
Then they put the model to work, predicting the height of the tallest trees across the country using local meteorological data.
Luckily, the climate-both meteorological and political-that helps drive funding for this kind of work is beginning to change.
The two meteorological phenomena are pretty dang different.
Meteorological seasons start on the first of the month.
The months were named after the principal agricultural activity or meteorological characteristic of that part of the year.
The meteorological factors that drive tornadoes make them more likely at some times than at others.
Astronomical, meteorological, and oceanographic data were consistently collected.
Tornadoes are one of the final meteorological frontiers for scientists to conquer.
In a sense, the report notes, humanity has been living in the meteorological equivalent of a fool's paradise.
Seemingly modest fluctuations in rainfall, temperature and other meteorological factors can create havoc in vulnerable societies.
For those with a meteorological bent, there is a range of weather stations, barometers and other gear.
As days grow longer in spring and early meteorological summer, the balance tips to more heat arriving than leaving.
Other chapters of the book explain basic meteorological concepts needed for an understanding of climate.
But cows, in particular, may have a hidden talent that far outweighs any meteorological skills.
Sceptical psephologists scoff at the idea of a meteorological influence on voters.
The team has experimented with simulated flights using real-time meteorological data.
Infrared and radar satellite imagery produced continuously throughout the day enhances our awareness of meteorological conditions.
For skiers, a heavy snowfall is a happy occasion, a piece of good meteorological fortune falling from the sky in soft crystals.
The hoaxers' technique required no meteorological effects and only rudimentary physics.
In northern locations, meteorological winter begins long before the winter solstice.
Meteorological data is collected at specific locations.

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