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In this lesson, students explore how locations around a meteorite provide information about the meteorite's orbit.
The more dirt he moved, the more meteorite he exposed.
Here are several views showing mineral composition in part of a meteorite.
He told his parents about the apparent meteorite and they called the police.
If a meteor survives and ends up on the ground, it's rechristened a meteorite.
In any case, meteorite samples from other additional stellar systems would have to be collected and identified.
Astronomers already know they're not meteorite impacts.
The area is filled with cooled lava flows pitted by meteorite impacts.
Among them are a goblin spider carapace, left, and several views showing mineral composition in part of a meteorite.
And pieces of lunar meteorite change hands from time to time.
Surrounded by boreal forest, the lake was formed by a meteorite.
For example, several years ago, scientists reported the discovery of organic molecules in a meteorite.
The meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs might have been less than half the size of what previous models predicted.
Pea-size minerals inside a meteorite are the oldest known material in the solar system, a new study says.
The time in space can be gauged by sampling tiny cosmic ray tracks in the body of the meteorite.
They searched for fragments of a meteorite--an asteroid or a chunk of one--but found none.
Maybe someone can explain the difference between the compression of gas heating up the meteorite and friction.
The small dome is now clearly a tiny meteorite impact crater.
We see ice in the polar caps, and we've seen it revealed under the surface by small meteorite impacts.
The lunar surface also gets harsh treatment from meteorite impacts, ultraviolet rays, and other sources.
Some geologists, though, are starting to believe the meteorite didn't act alone.
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