meteoric in a sentence

Example sentences for meteoric

But shrimp's meteoric rise has come at a heavy cost, say environmentalists.
The isotope concentrations of the meteoric confection were also unlike those of earthly sweets.
Astronomers are uncovering newfound planets in orbit around other stars at a meteoric rate these days.
The zebra mussel's meteoric rise makes the alewife empire look puny.
Iron of meteoric origin has a high proportion of nickel, which is not present in terrestrial iron ores.
The vitriolic reaction to the excesses that accompanied their meteoric rise is hardly surprising.
Perry's rise was not meteoric and his victories were not landslides.
The same blogosphere that helped his meteoric rise may one day pay more attention to his chameleon qualities.
Ground water of local meteoric origin moves through the shallow sedimentary deposits and volcanic rocks at relatively slow rates.
We did not see the spike in housing sales, so the meteoric drop also did not occur here.
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