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Meteor gazers have one last chance to catch a show this year.
To catch the best view of a prolific meteor shower, scrap your plans tonight and get to bed for an early morning tomorrow.
When ever there is a meteor shower, the weather caster always informs us to look skyward to see the shooting stars.
Perhaps life could evolve in a comet, or survive inside a rock catapulted into orbit by a planetary meteor strike.
He learned to mentally disentangle the effects of meteor impacts to see the underlying rock types.
The superheated meteor atoms and molecules then glow in a process that is similar to a fluorescent bulb.
Meteor showers observed from the hot tub this evening.
Much more believable than a happenstance meteor strike that picked out which species to eliminate and which to keep.
Or that's not strictly accurate-the meteor, which was an estimated sixty yards across, never actually touched down.
Meteor gazers have another chance to catch a show this year.
More rarely, a tsunami can be generated by a giant meteor impact with the ocean.
Admittedly, this find does bolster the extinction-by-meteor theory.
He was a meteor: his flame burned incredibly bright, and not for long but mightily.
Tonight is one of the odder meteor showers of the years.
Fall features four meteor showers for your evening enjoyment.
If so, it is undoubtedly a meteor, a fleck of space rock glowing white-hot as it races through the upper atmosphere.
The now-hot air flows over the meteor, heating its surface.

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