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Metaphors from the language of sight are common in the world of music.
As for the home-grown tongue, of its umpteen sporting metaphors hardly any come from soccer.
Invite students to come up with their own metaphors or similes to describe each animal shown.
Metaphors make for colorful sayings, but can be confusing when taken literally.
But the computers can still struggle with interpreting local jargon and metaphors.
One of his favorite metaphors for interactionism concerns a car making a screeching noise.
Combat metaphors about people who have died of cancer abound and are derided by some.
Yet the peculiar metaphors employed by reviewers years back often added little if anything to the audience's understanding.
From its life habits they have drawn phrases and metaphors to describe their own behavior.
Metaphors are often used in science to understand difficult and counterintuitive phenomena.
Perhaps vampires affect us so deeply because they fit so many metaphors.
Sports and pop culture metaphors are both failing me.
My deepest respects to a craftsman who crafted his words, ideas, characters and metaphors into the a timeless and important work.
Fine: but that is scarcely the stuff of dramatic metaphors.
But let's not burden albatrosses with our metaphors.
There's no question that the use of metaphors is a powerfully effective communication tool.
They are no longer random hits, but little metaphors for the swoop of an entire body.
In the world of quantum mechanics, clock metaphors and so forth seem a little out of place.
Lots of metaphors are available to illustrate such a problem: the elephant in the room, for example.
They can even use these metaphors by translating, although not from their own intrinsic understanding.
You're getting dangerously close to mixing metaphors.
Once more, vague references and colorful metaphors do not win science debates.
He also likes to merge his metaphors and unlock the meanings left for dead in mundane marketing terminology.
It is apparently the pundit's job to simply complex debates and coalition building into simple metaphors about spoiled children.
Absolutely: all our metaphors are limited and, taken too literally, misleading.
He has long been on record arguing that metaphors in science are misleading, and that they must be eliminated as science matures.
Metaphors from cotton's production are woven into the fabric of much modern music.
The larger moral is that our metaphors for reasoning are all wrong.
They have been much better at ill-considered insults and threats, veiled in poorly constructed metaphors.
Whatever to call it, let the naysayers form their own reality-based metaphors for darkness and despair.
Probing deeper beyond the superficial methods and metaphors of the artist's world, are the underpinnings of the culture.
In the presence of such beauty and strangeness, people cast around for familiar metaphors.
Each is a story, a sequence of ambivalent metaphors, a personal revelation couched in the idiom of the faith.
But the poet soon loses interest in his work, and relies upon the common words and familiar metaphors of his day.
He has a plentiful supply of similes and metaphors, but they are often tasteless and undignified.
He had no taste for elaborate and fantastic metaphors.
Unfortunately, good photography metaphors aren't necessarily synonymous with good movies.
People have a lot of metaphors for entrepreneurship.
As such, the correct metaphors should come from psychology, not mathematics.
Studies have also suggested that children are better at inventing metaphors.
Uses of vision, speech, and hearing in metaphors discussed.
It goes on from there, never skimping of the golf metaphors.
His rural back- ground effortlessly supplied vivifying animal metaphors.
There is no shortage of potential political metaphors.
No baseball metaphors, for example, as those can be confusing for foreigners.
Zombies, as any cultural critic who's ever written about zombie movies will tell you, are metaphors.
There are a lot of political metaphors in this movie.
Second, taking the bull by the hand, nix those mixed metaphors.
At the individual level, metaphors affect our thinking.
Initially shocking, these sights serve to inspire some of the more enigmatic metaphors of the film.
Mindful of his audience, he salted his rhetoric with rustic metaphors.
He still peppers his public statements with sporting metaphors.
Ruins and buildings are really good metaphors for human nature, for our ability to create and destroy.
It seems to have gained favor as conveying sensitivity versus more honest metaphors intended to convey the business purpose.
These metaphors would then be stored in the metaphor repository.
There would still be plenty of opportunity to point out metaphors and similes.
Violent metaphors are all over our culture, in politics and outside of it, and that won't be changing anytime soon.
We tend to remember things in metaphors and comparisons.
Gore needed to find a way to overcome that charm and block those metaphors.
The right has a particular fondness for gun metaphors, and should curb it.
It is the strongest of metaphors and the simplest of bald truths: each climber holds his partner's life.
He likes the military, and in conversation he often turns to soldiering for his metaphors.
Such hits are so rare, however, that after a while the reader stops trying to think about what the metaphors mean.
Or maybe he dropped a shoe, depending on your choice of metaphors and considering that a second one is yet to be dropped.
Their actions were swayed by their views of police-work, which were in turn affected by metaphors.
These maritime metaphors are not really right, however.
Nothing creates more misunderstanding of the results of scientific research than scientists' use of metaphors.
But one should avoid metaphors, especially those involving horses.
She seems foreign and beyond reach with her elliptical syntax and her unusually tangled metaphors.
Somehow, there are far too many automotive metaphors in this hastily written autobiography.
The social consequences of mathematics are not intelligible through such metaphors.
Thus the literature resounded with the clash of metaphors.
Something more is at stake than a disagreement over the literal truth of biblical metaphors.
His use of industrial metaphors disguises the inherent anarchy of the multiversity system.
In wartime, the metaphors were zoological: mainly crocodiles and bears.
The sequences comparing their origins show a sharp understanding of how superhero stories can serve as powerful metaphors.
Investors have always loved to use sports metaphors, but now they can combine the two national past times even further.
There are all sorts of nature metaphors that have no basis in reality.
There are enough symbols, allusions and metaphors to tantalize decades of academics.
Everyone looks for metaphors that mark the season, but seldom does the first game mean anything other than one win or one loss.

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