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Her metaphor implied that astronomers were mightily confused about how the universe had formed.
Well, it is a figure of speech, a metaphor true in the sense of unknown or lesser known.
She has a weakness for the strained and hence distracting metaphor.
That's not just a metaphor, either.
The broken clock metaphor is much more illustrative.
The ecosystem metaphor has become very popular, almost too popular.
She even suggests that Smith used the famous metaphor as an ironic joke.
The best songs have a strong dose of metaphor.
Some people can tell you that a direct comparison is a metaphor.
The band-aid metaphor is vivid but it has its limits.
As usual, a metaphor goes straight over someone's head.
The crippled sailboat is a metaphor for all her relationships.
She seemed to think in hyperbole and metaphor.
There is a tendency for people to look at puppetry as a metaphor for manipulation, for taking away someone's will or autonomy.
She sees its duality as a metaphor for all of us, for human nature.
Also the sheep-hook is a noble metaphor, alluding to the mixture of straight and crooked in the ways of nature.
Often incorrectly used in support of exaggeration or violent metaphor.
Expressions so redolent of the laboratory are as well left alone unless the metaphor they suggest is really valuable.
But a metaphor is no argument, though it be sometimes the gunpowder to drive one home and imbed it in the memory.
Here the hawkers ladle out the wildly diverse local fare that serves as both national obsession and metaphor.
The stereotyping of sharks as evil is so rampant in our culture that they've become a metaphor for malevolence.
But a more accurate metaphor might be a goose in hunting season, flying though a hail of bullets.
The approach could be a metaphor for what it will take for humankind to stay ahead of its infectious foes.
The name became a metaphor for a catastrophic natural disaster.
For now, it's mostly a bad road and a great metaphor.
The metaphor of the perfect storm is badly overworked.
The applicability of the fruit-tree metaphor to hiring faculty should be clear.
Perhaps a busy city street would be a better metaphor.
It turns out that the rise of the undead serves as a great metaphor for graduate school.
The selfish gene metaphor changed our way of thinking about natural selection.
The picture is also a good metaphor for what is going on at public research universities.
The metaphor of education as a business doesn't work despite the fact that some people make a good living off of it.
Writing while facing a wall, incidentally, seems to me the perfect metaphor for being a writer.
The lowly mobile phone interrupting the highest of art seems a perfect little metaphor for our moment.
But the changes, neuroscience tells us, go much deeper than metaphor.
It's an apt metaphor for the one-blinking-light village.
When his trial flight succeeded, and the creative process began, the metaphor was calculated to change.
The metaphor of free market capitalism as cannibalism is provocative and interesting, if not particularly convincing.
It's a metaphor, and once let loose it can be damaging.
Maybe it is an intricate metaphor for the harsh reality of life on a fragile planet.
When people are asked to list their favorite metaphor, they typically cite great works of poetry, literature or oratory.
But as a first approximation to help us visualize something that is so invisible, that image works as a metaphor.
Studies of monkeys learning to use a rake to obtain distant objects show that this may be more than a mere metaphor.
It makes for a good metaphor but the fundamental physics behind each phenomena is quite different.
Going back to the jigsaw metaphor, imagine turning over the puzzle pieces to find that they have been numbered sequentially.
It is both a metaphor and a functional description of chemical signaling to say that drugs talk to diseases.
And other sorts of graphic representations also feed into this metaphor.
So it's a metaphor that pervades both language and thought.
The car metaphor is clearly understood as representing evolution.
The gulf, currently, is a good metaphor-- if one capable of that small leap in perspective.
Consider the human body as a metaphor for the planet.
Time is a metaphor for measurement of change that occurs in the never ending present.
When the elections fade into history next week, so will a presidential metaphor: the car.
Which makes him a walking, talking metaphor for his company.
Showtime's new comedy-drama,Weeds, is a metaphor for instant upscale communities sprouting all over the country.
Poets find it easier to translate other poets when they can match metaphor with metaphor, and image with image.
But some trade theorists think this metaphor will no longer do.
His vivid use of metaphor and his accessible writing style have made his books extremely popular.
For those familiar with the children's game of leapfrog, it's a useful metaphor.
Inescapably, it seems a metaphor for the artist himself.
The metaphor unites the sensory with the non-sensory world.
The city is a decent place to make a life, instead of a ruined paradise or a metaphor for chaos and emptiness.
The usual metaphor for everyday software is the tool, but that doesn't seem to be right here.
And the camera is a metaphor for the local citizen who enters that space.
That's actually a good metaphor for a certain kind of urban building.
It did not take long for the hanging to become a metaphor for the over-all disaster of which it is part.
But it's a great metaphor, because the more you think about it, the more parallels you encounter.
Museums are booklike arrangements of the real and they make explicit that strange metaphor, the book of nature.
But whatever your tool shop metaphor of choice might be, neither saws nor sanders work if the glaciers don't move.
The game of chess is another useful metaphor for understanding how physical laws might have changed.
But ideas do not reside in the ivory tower of our usual metaphor about academic irrelevance.
Metaphor is, after all, a powerful vehicle for creative thinking.
So in terms of scale and stakes, the long-distance running as a metaphor obscures rather than elucidates.
Scholars had decided that these expressions were mere metaphor.
Of course, while the tree of life is a powerful metaphor for evolution, it does not work in some cases.
Let me illustrate this in a metaphor that takes out a lot of our present culture war language.
Tilting at windmills isn't a good metaphor for research that could prevent an impact disaster.
Spherical cow is a metaphor for highly simplified scientific models of reality.
Trying to create a metaphor between gun ownership and healthcare provisioning is an irony too rich for words.
The poems are thick with metaphor, high diction, and compulsive allusions to myth.
In essence, it's a metaphor for these dogs outside the security industry, especially when they lack expert handlers.
The primary metaphor people have used to describe what he's done is a franchise, which is wrong.
Posters of killing the vermin and making them flee were part of the overarching metaphor.
Whatever she actually found there she turned into a metaphor for beauty and aristocracy and honor as she understood the words.
With those who don't understand that metaphor is metaphor and fiction is fiction, she is more than a little irritated.
In others it is a promise of freedom, opportunity, and plenty: a political metaphor and a private fantasy.
Metaphor failed to do anything but make one feel that those keen to deploy it had not been watching enough television.
The invisible hand is a metaphor, not a transcendent appendage.
His particular linguistic specialty is the recycled dead metaphor.
For veterans of that war, who returned to a contemptuous public, the metaphor of displacement and estrangement is obvious and apt.
For me, supernatural characters were a way to talk about life and reality--vampires are the perfect metaphor for the lost soul.
But the brain remains the seat of the self itself in physical reality as well as in metaphor.
It was a guaranteed culture clash and a political metaphor on a platter.

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