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Its density is presumed to indicate a metallic core, probably made mostly of iron.
Though fine for gaming, metallic audio made music and movies sound artificial.
Lanthanum, a silvery white metallic element, helps control the interface between the metal gate and hafnium dielectric.
The collision made a metallic sound which was followed by silence.
By utilizing no metallic components in his shoes, he was able to walk through the metal detector without causing any alarm.
It's a deep, primordial sound that builds to a metallic wail as the power comes on in a seemingly unending rush.
Dark matter, he says, may be made of star-size spheres that lack metallic elements that are capable of fission.
Gallium is soft, metallic silver poor metal that liquefies slightly above room temperature.
One depicts metallic fish swimming across the fabric.
He thrived on the sharp, metallic taste of impending doom.
Many scarab beetles are metallic in color, which allows them to blend into wet forests and avoid predation by birds.
Mechanical sculpture of the metallic wood boring beetle.
Clusters of metallic blue fruits appear among glossy dark green leaves.
Obsessed sci-fi fans with disposable income and a lust for metallic action figures of their own design can rest easy.
He also liked a tooled leather pillow that he suggested pairing with a suede-trimmed metallic one.
First to be tossed out, therefore, are stars lacking the metallic elements needed for planet formation.
Automobiles, such as this bus seen in a file photo, spew exhaust that deposits metallic fragments on leaves.
Metallic iron powder is added to foods to fortify them.
The lingering impressions are of power, cold and metallic.
Lightning flashes, reflecting across the metallic dust.
Metallic and non-process color inks are not available.
The space station's metallic joints should break apart next.
It was the same green metallic color and exactly the same bike.
The paint job is also a tad different with a more metallic sheen.
The metallic voice keeps telling me to plough into brick walls.
So for an independent research project, he decided to look at metallic crystal structures.
He plugged it in, and soon it let off an old-fashioned metallic ring.
Bronze, copper, pewter and gunmetal are all contributing to the metallic luster.
These are the effect of negative lightning striking metallic surfaces.
As you can see from the picture, the color is clearly metallic brown.
There was, for instance, her metallic gold raincoat.
Researchers measured the ratio of strontium-a metallic element-in the bones and teeth of the bodies.
They attach metallic red streamers to nets that scare the birds away while nets are submerged.
Magical illustrations, highlighted with metallic ink, make this a fantastic book that will enthrall children of all ages.
Iron and nickel in the outer core form an alloy, or a mixture of metallic elements.
They were a beautiful metallic green with bright red legs.
Avoid metallic foil or plastic coatings that inhibit recycling.
It's color was metallic gold sunward and burnt umber on the shielded side.
The superb bird of paradise seems to throw its metallic voice, sending you off course.
The environment was noxious, the air full of acid and metallic aerosol particles.
It's an artificial intelligence in the shape of a metallic human head.
The deeper it plunges, the louder the protesting chorus of metallic clanks, groans and shudders it sends up.
The show opened with promise, as metallic buttons studded military-sharp tailoring.
And add a clutch handbag with the same metallic waterfall.
So one could say that all metallic money systems have been abandoned.
But it too has teething troubles: false readings, for example, from trucks with metallic windscreens.
Another client selected a flashy metallic bag but toned down the printing.
There were enormous inflatable creatures, metallic space-suit headdresses, and glow in the dark dancers.
His musical lines could be a metallic alloy as well-light but unyielding.
At depths about a third of the way down, the hydrogen becomes metallic and electrically conducting.
Their coloring-metallic blue on top and shimmering silver-white on the bottom-helps camouflage them from above and below.
It was a moment during the parade where these people on stilts in metallic costumes with flamers came by.
Its angry metallic call vibrates through the walls of her room, and she is sure it will wake everyone.
Place goat meat in a non-metallic bowl and add the lime juice and grated grated zest and the garlic.
Spelt is nearly as good but is slightly more metallic-tasting.
Their metallic blue stains the rusty iron on the beach.
She designed the entire collection, obsessing over every exotic fold and metallic clasp.
The right-hand octaves in the higher register provide metallic brilliance, and the lower left-hand octaves a thunderous sonority.
The researchers say their method is better than other radar-based systems because it can detect metallic and non-metallic objects.
It doesn't sport the same delicate curves or metallic body, for example.
Reserves of some of these metallic elements are numbered in mere tons.
As it reacts with the syngas, the iron oxide releases its oxygen, forming metallic iron.
Anything metallic entering the worm whole would immediately accelerate in whatever direction it was traveling in to light speed.
Taking advantage of the metallic nature of the coolant, the pump pushes the liquid around electromagnetically.
As a result, the material should attract electrons and create an opaque, metallic quark clump at the heart of the neutron star.
Researchers solved this by using compression welding to create a hermetic seal around the well's metallic membrane.
Specifically, the magnetic field is locked in metallic particles in similar orientations.
Aluminium has rightly been called metallic electricity.
There is some theoretical idea that metallic hydrogen may be stable at room temperatures and pressures.
Every once in a while a metallic taste sneaks up on me, as if iron had somehow leached into my mouth.
Once the catheter was positioned properly, a metallic coil was threaded into the feeder vessel, causing it to clot off.
Among the metallic green ones there were others, some yellow and spotted, others a brighter green.
There remains no excuse for the trickery with the non-metallic copper sulfate.
The remaining rocky or metallic core would resemble a terrestrial planet in many respects.
Then he jumped into his truck, slamming his door with a loud, metallic bang.
It would probably have a fishy taste, faintly metallic from the artificial blood.
These useless swirls of electric current, generated in metallic components, sap energy from the flywheel.
Metallic nickel-iron asteroids are believed to be fragments from cores of similar, but shattered asteroids.
On the purple hair thing, ok so metallic wigs didn't really take off for astronauts.
It has been specially developed to achieve a highly reflective depth of metallic color.
The scene was straight out of sci-fi: huge, metallic birds coming home to nest with a demented roar.
Unlike standard cast iron, the pan won't give food a metallic taste.
From newer pewter to traditional silver and gold, metallic accents give spring accessories a glimmer of nighttime glamour.
Your dad can always be tuned in with this vibrant screen printed circuit board tie in copper and silver metallic inks.
Add a glint of metallic, and an allover damask pattern dances in the light.

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