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Example sentences for metal tape

Some wax cylinders and discs, metal tape, vinyl records and other formats have already begun disintegrating or are slag.
But changing fashions would see the crinoline market fall flat, leaving the manufacturer up to his bustle with surplus metal tape.
Cable shall have a metal tape or metal tape with wire shield.
It is also used in animal feed and in industry in cosmetics, paints, and metal tape.
Plastic pipe is now usually laid with an embedded metal tape or a tracer wire alongside it to allow tracer detection.
The inlet vents at the bottom of the wall were covered with metal tape.
Inside the tank was a device used for measuring the liquid level, a metal float linked to a metal tape measure.
These layers maintain the biaxial texture and provide a chemical barrier between the superconductor and the metal tape.
Though, it is a good idea to cover them with some metal tape so someone doesn't come along and remove the cap.
Then, use a metal tape to measure from the base on the floor to the marked measurement on the wall to get the height measurement.
Metal tape measures shall only be used to measure straight fork length.
Using this board will require the edges to be covered in metal tape or silicon applied to the edge.
Observers measured canopy intercept from the plastic tape, or with a smaller handheld metal tape.
Obtain lengths of rolled metal tape from a commercial supplier.
One builder uses metal tape and three other builders do not seal ducts.
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