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Example sentences for metal detector

When you go through a metal detector at the airport with a conductor such as keys in your pocket, the alarm goes off.
As with everything else, have your bag of medicines ready to hand to the officer at the metal detector.
After an hour, the metal detector squeaks, then emits a louder shriek.
It is best if you wear your hearing device while going through the metal detector.
Let you know when you will be going through the metal detector.
Unfortunately, a metal detector alone cannot distinguish between a gun and a large metal belt buckle.
Visual inspection of the surface will be done, when possible, concurrently with the metal detector survey.
Shoes or boots that contain metal will not clear the metal detector and will have to be removed.
In addition, certain clothing and accessories can set off an alarm on the metal detector and slow you down.
No under-wire bras due to metal detector sensitivity.
Metal detector cannot harm you and will not affect pacemakers, hearing aids, or film.
If you have a pacemaker, tell the security officer about it before you enter the metal detector.
Walk through the metal detector at the direction of the officer.
If the x-ray or metal detector sets off an alert or alarm, an officer may perform another scan using a hand wand.
If the metal detector beeps, you will be asked to step back and check your pockets again.
Depending on the airport configuration, you may be directed through a metal detector or advanced imaging technology for screening.
Individuals entering this federal building will be required to go through a security checkpoint as well as a metal detector.
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