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One is to texture the metal surface and then put a water-repelling chemical coating on it.
Metal prices have fallen sharply in the past year, as manufacturing industry has sunk into deep recession.
If the metal were cheaper, designers and engineers would use it more frequently.
Take your own plastic or metal container to the restaurant to take home your leftovers when you're eating out.
In the hands of geeky artists, wood, water and metal take on all kinds of unexpected meanings.
He quickly suggested putting a hooked stick in each room that could be used to reach up and grab the metal hook on the screen.
Electricity, meanwhile, is delivered via a conductive brush that sweeps across a metal ring in the stationary base.
Recycling metal into artwork can lend a hand to the green living movement.
For the clunker, this swap is the last stop before being plundered for parts and scrap metal.
Many builders start with a prefabricated metal shell.
It even appears to be a metal lunchbox, not one of those lame plastic ones.
Good math teachers are worth far more than their weight in any precious metal.
Electricity, meanwhile, is delivered via a conductive brush that sweeps around a metal ring in the stationary base.
If it is burnt, the phosphorus will be mixed into the metal.
The important thing is not to touch the heavy metal.
But only a dry, dusty riverbed was to be seen, cordoned off by a fence and metal gate.
Metal armor has stood the test of time and has been stopping bullets for centuries.
They plunge their hands into large metal tubs of ice set up in an adjoining room, and settle on couches to crack open their cans.
They have metal frames on which are hung coloured outer panels.
Protruding metal pins deep inside each of her legs support a brace.
Most satellites aren't dangerous at all, unless you are directly underneath some falling metal.
Wood is lashed together with rawhide and covered with colored leather and metal ornaments.
The sheet metal counter was fabricated at a sheet metal shop.
Clear, plastic retainers created with three-dimensional modeling may spell an end to the proverbial metal mouth.
All this sounds much more complicated than weighing from time to time a piece of metal stowed away in a vault.
Old can material is refined and melted into ingots or solid metal blocks.
You've seen the game of pachinko-a small metal ball dropped into a thicket of horizontal pegs rattles its way to the bottom.
Instead of the ubiquitous metal bowl with last night's charred remains, imagine an artful piece crafted of metal and stone.
The metal cards feature fully functioning lock picking tools.
The scanners already operate in several airports around the world-in some instances they even replace the metal detectors.
Metal objects within the magnetic field do not have to touch a magnet to be pulled by magnetism.
Ahead are the x-ray machine and metal detectors that have become fixtures at airports and other key facilities.
Large metal or concrete containers can also be converted into permanent firepits fueled by logs or gas.
Heavy metal has lost its glamour, and its mainstream support.
It is tough to value a metal that has no yield and limited industrial uses.
The metal buckles and snaps on the boots would be fine.
It surrounds a brick platform that raises and supports a portable metal fire bowl.
Improvised roofs of sheet metal are weighed down against the tugging wind with rocks and old tires.
Researchers close in on a small quantum computer built from loops of superconducting metal.
Investing in gold miners carries risks unrelated to the price of the metal.
The separated metal can then be scooped up and removed.
The vellum is attached to the cards with metal eyelets.
Contact a local scrap metal recycler to dispose of larger stainless steel and aluminum materials.
The whole thing went in a big metal bowl to catch drips, and then into the fridge.
Ask students to describe what happens when they place a magnet near a piece of metal such as a paperclip.
To deter cutworms, make collars from paper cups or metal cans with the ends removed.
The garment was one of numerous articles of metal finery found in the tomb that were crafted from copper, silver, and gold.
The scientists uncovered the phenomenon while studying the exact properties of extremely thin stacks of metal.
Lithium, the lightest metal in the world, can be mined from rocks or extracted from water.
The spin state of the metal atom could encode the bit, and the silicon cage would protect it from corruption.
The heavy metal artists are the first musicians to sue the software maker and universities for enabling music piracy.
Small fragments cannot be treated in the same way, as they are often too tiny to be connected with metal hardware.
Hundreds of thousands of possible metal alloy combinations can be formed from a relatively small number of elements.
Shearer now carefully inspects every tree before cutting and has been using metal detectors to check every trunk being processed.
Gold prospectors may one day rely on lowly bacteria to point them to deposits of the precious metal.
And the new grippers are made from a polymer, not a metal.
More expensive slow cookers boast metal pots, which are much lighter and often clean up better, thanks to nonstick coatings.
Authorities are receiving several reports of pigeons found alive with metal darts through their skulls.
Other objects are filed in metal cabinets or displayed on the walls.
Remove the metal fence and the expanse of concrete beyond.
Smaller handbags and metal belts will be among the in-vogue accessories.
Likewise, the metal shop portions of each show seem to be a bit pointless.
Who knows-she may win some converts to the resurgent metal arts.
Place the metal outdoors on a picnic table or other raised area that has unobstructed exposure to sunlight.
Read about the extremes people have gone to throughout history to get the precious metal.
The top floor opens to a balcony shaded by a red-and-yellow awning suspended on metal brackets.
But a new study shows that banana peels can remove metal contamination from river water.
Polyurethane and a five-millimeter-thick silicone skin, soft and specially colored, cover a metal skeleton.
Small white cups topped with piping hot metal drip coffee filters arrived at the table.
Use a big metal spoon to scoop out squash and stew into soup bowls, adding stew from pan.
From metal detectors to bomb-sniffing dogs to terahertz rays, in photos.
The mixture is allowed to age for weeks or months, and then is applied to a metal framework.
Wicker furniture and metal chandeliers add more textural variation.
The staples dissolve after the wound is healed and leave less scar than typically seen with sutures or metal staples.
To tap a maple tree, a small hole is drilled about two inches into the tree trunk and a metal or plastic tap is inserted.
But there is no specific function for that metal in our body.
When heated, these metal hydride powders decompose, liberating the gas.
Wearers' feet go into boots attached to a series of metal tubes that run up a leg to a backpack.
The compound he and his colleagues used is a so-called coordination complex based on the metal rhenium.
The inside and outside parts of the panels can be metalized, the edge has to be metal-free.
Metal-detector hobbyists enjoy the thrill of hunting for lost treasure.
After a refining process, the aluminum cans are melted into solid metal blocks called ingots.
Some come with airtight lids, metal bails, reinforced plastic rims or pour spouts to transfer liquids.
The plastic sheets were used to make a metal printing plate, or proof, for publishing the map.
Add all metal pieces of appropriate size and weight to your mixed bin.
Those that have had enough radiation washed away by years of rain and snow are melted down and the metal sold.
These independent artisan-artists made their pieces out of metal, but he hammered and riveted while she moulded.
At one end of the plant workers examine the body parts shaped by one of ten giant metal presses.
Tin is an undesirable material for a coffee-pot, as tannic acid acts on such metal and is apt to form a poisonous compound.
They never discovered the use of iron, and their chief metal possessions were native gold and copper.
Writing in metal, while expensive, provides some of the benefits of both while exhibiting its own unique beauty.
Scoop out seeds and strings with a sturdy metal spoon.
They had a local metal fabricator make the grill and hood, which fit across a rear corner.
He followed her to the security check where the metal plate in her leg set off the metal detector.
The television sets once supported by these metal brackets were long ago removed.
Remove the battery and carefully clean the small metal surfaces, which connect the battery to the handset.
The room had three solid walls, with the fourth wall consisting of metal bars separating it from a larger room.
Some villages specialized in producing batik cloth, others in bamboo, and others in metal objects.
They were hauling out segments of a metal crowd-control fence.
On my street, porters had taken the bulletproof vests and metal barricades left behind by the police when they fled.
She could never catch a glimpse of herself even when she prepared food for fifty in a vast metal cauldron.
On the side of the road there were souvenir vendors with brightly painted metal lizards and other handicrafts.
If you have metal ice cube trays, this recipe is a breeze.
The secret to this succulent bird is an inexpensive metal pan.
Strain broth through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl, discarding solids.
Melt chocolate in a metal bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water or in top of a double boiler, stirring until smooth.
Immediately strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl, pressing on and then discarding solids.
Remove from heat and whisk in lemon juice and butter, then transfer pudding to a metal bowl.
Meanwhile, whisk together yolks and brown sugar in a large metal bowl until thick and creamy.
Immediately pour through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl.
Melt chocolate in a metal bowl set over barely simmering water, stirring.
Put a metal rack in pan and arrange half of herbs down middle of rack.
Melt chocolate with butter in a metal bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water, stirring until smooth.
Sprinkle into baking pan, then press down firmly all over with a metal spatula to form an even layer.
Transfer the custard to a metal bowl set in a larger bowl of ice and cold water and stir it until it is cold.
Immediately strain custard through a fine-mesh sieve set over a metal bowl, pressing on and then discarding solids.
Transfer cookies with a metal spatula to racks to cool completely.
Immediately pour through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl set in an ice bath.
Sift together flour and salt into a chilled large metal bowl.
Crumble brown sugar evenly over bottom of dish, pressing with a metal spatula to make an even layer.
Pour the mixture into a metal bowl and set the bowl in an ice bath.
Transfer to paper towels to drain briefly, then transfer to a metal rack set on sheet pan in oven to keep warm.
Transfer with a metal spatula to a plate or an airtight container.
Whisk together egg yolks in a metal bowl, then gradually whisk hot pudding into yolks.
Transfer pecans with a metal spatula to a rack to cool.
Though not as handsome and rustic as a wooden peel, the metal version slides beneath pies more easily.
Here, coppersmiths beat their gleaming metal into various cooking pots and kettles.
High-powered radio waves are harmless to human flesh, but will heat up metal particles.
He and others went on to show that a slight pulse of electricity moving through the metal to the nerve was responsible.
If you've had your knee replaced with a piece of metal, you're in good company.
Bone implants are typically made of metal or ceramic materials made of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide.
Bomb squads have long used metal detectors, x-ray machines, and dogs to uncover threats.
Even if the leather was gone, the metal shanks should have remained.
If a large building is not available, get into an enclosed vehicle with a metal roof and sides.
But metal and food was dumped over the side as well as raw sewage that was not filtered in any way.
After the ice receded, an unnatural concentration of reddish metal-remnants of wiring and plumbing-would remain buried in layers.
But your razor is probably a disposable composite of metal and plastic.
With these innovations, money ceased to be understood as precious metal minted into coins.
We had to sit in a torture chair, metal chairs, in a certain position.
He pulls two chairs together for our chat, a metal stool and an old barber's chair.
From a thin piece of wire looped over one of the gate's central spikes hangs a large metal decoration.
She bought things, a shiny, silver metal cuckoo clock.
His metal knee was rusted shut, his blood pressure low.
In the morning the crew could see the town only as some metal roofs, perhaps a half-mile inland from the beach.
Here the molten metal is poured or cast from the tilted furnace into a mold to form a billet.
Plastics replaced metal for many uses and allowed new types of products to be created, which made old metal ones obsolete.
When it comes to metal, you can have any colour as long as its silver.
When lithium metal meets water, an explosive reaction ensues.
Metal oxide transistor arrays are less expensive to make and provide the necessary performance.
These new materials have mechanical properties similar to metal alloys and are the toughest ceramics ever made.
Next, the wafer is heated, causing stress within the material because the metal and silicon expand at different rates.
In conventional lithium-ion-battery manufacturing, electrode materials are applied in the form of slurry to metal foils.
The wires are connected to one another and to an external electrical circuit by metal electrodes.
In early studies, neural interfaces coated with an electrically conductive polymer outperformed conventional metal counterparts.
The problem is that the photodetector part of the silicon often sits below layers of transistors, metal wires, and a color filter.
Two metal loops hold it to the sides of the artery, and a pressure transducer records the flow of fluids through the blood vessel.
Clicking a metal disc in the solution creates a nucleation center that causes the solution to rapidly crystallize, releasing heat.
Nonferrous scrap metal is scrap metal other than iron and steel.
Sheet metal workers make and install metal building parts and products.
Sheet metal workers build products used in construction.
Metal roofing is mostly steel or aluminum, although copper and other metals are sometimes used.
Metal detecting is a recreational activity that people do to find coins, jewelry, and precious metals.

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