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Example sentences for met

All minimum qualifications must be met by effective date of hire.
The system works as long as cross border obligations are met.
They will not be met easily or in a short span of time.
Not to mention gas would be cheaper if all cars met the new standard, since the price of any product is driven by demand.
For years the panel's solutions were met with doubt and derision, and often became the subject of political haggling.
If it's growing satisfactorily, its nutrient needs are being met.
Time after time, its attempts have been met with shrugs or downright hostility.
The effort, however, has met with unexpected complications.
The artist and the poet had met three years earlier and quickly became close friends.
Although the groups used slightly different approaches, they met with similar success rates.
Seeds cannot germinate until certain favorable environmental conditions are met.
They met each other in meat space for the first time.
They had never met face-to-face, but once sparred dangerously.
The announcement last week that the first human clone had been born was met with skepticism, concern and outrage.
Ada continued her interest in mathematics and science and met and corresponded with other scientists and mathematicians.
The pair, who met in architecture school, took advantage of every inch of real estate by reimagining how rooms could be used.
Sure, as long as it met the standard of the academic rule, without deviance and without question.
Some diplomats who have met the prime minister agree.
In the positive infinity time does not exist and all your questions would be answered and all your needs met.
Our team met recently for a potluck to try out recipes and to finalize the menu for the feast.
So if they haven't met the conditions by the deadline, they understand that they need to apply for an extension.
Many thousands went onto the streets, to be met by a volley of gunfire.
And on the rare occasions when projects are suggested, they are often met with noisy outrage.
All animals have special needs that need to be met in order to live with us.
Practice would be permitted if this standard is met during a student's first regular term of full-time enrollment.
She met many photographers, filmmakers, and other artists living there.
The students who met at her home varied widely in their personalities and backgrounds.
Usually, trustees are tolerant of different styles as long as the agreed-upon goals are met and budgets are respected.
Every dinner invitation that comes my way is met with consternation over the possibility that shellfish will be involved.
He entered his first contest last night and was met with rave reviews.
They will happily share information with others as long as certain social norms are met.
As the strain developed resistance, there was a horrible need for new drugs, and this drug met it.
There was in fact less novelty than first met the eye.
The fact that not all those students get a four-year degree does not mean that they have not met their goals.
Those who got married or cohabitated often did so with someone they met in college.
Show cv to five new faculty in your department or whom you've met at conferences.
If you met with any helpful junior professors during your visit, you might reach out to them as you begin negotiating.
The distance each beam traveled determined the way the crests and troughs of the light waves aligned when they met in the wafer.
The remark was met with waves of cheering and applause.
What is less well-known about the trip is who else he met.
Yet the city government-used to making big decisions without telling the public-has met stiff resistance.
Rather, it was to build trust between people who had never met.
Suicide is sometimes even met with approval-as facing one's fate, not shirking it.
In general, budgetary targets in the region are increasingly not being met as economic activity slows.
Nor, however, was it met with the sort of scathing rebuke that was once obligatory.
Few had expected a rapid return to full employment, but even modest expectations for jobs growth have not been met.
Ministers have yet to say how cost overruns will be met, for one thing.
There's no evidence the two ever met outside of jail.
It's a record of where we've been, what we've seen, and who we've met along the way.
Local officials expected nearly a million visitors, and it seemed as if their expectations would be met.
It would take them so long reach a large size that somewhere along the line they would have met their demise.
She was from the same village but they had never met.
Many people connected to the room have met untimely ends.
Some messenger there might have met you from my uncle.
Which, seek through the world, is ne'er met with elsewhere.
During these years, he met and married another writer of innovating beliefs.
Every object she met filled her with pleasure and amazement.
They met him as a politician playing for points, and hinted at trouble unless their demands were met.
Six patients improved so much they no longer met the criteria for legal blindness.
The chemists were familiar with so-called heat-transfer fluids that met all three of those requirements.
Once the basics are met, plus a certain amount of discretionary resources, you reach a point of diminishing returns.
Fifty students, or about a fifth of those surveyed, met the authors' criteria for addiction to indoor tanning.
In the paved portions of the city, however, the disease is seldom met with.
It seems as though platinum has not yet met the benchmarks either.
The implanted lung met the team's goal of exchanging gases for two hours.
Other local groups-without lab space or money-have met a similar fate.
It did grace a full page, one part of an exuberant roundup chronicling the excitement that met the war's end.
Everyone the author met, it seemed, expected her to have fun.
State television continued to insist that the protesters were armed gangs, and protests continued to be met with violence.
She describes how they met when she had taken shelter from the rain.
For example, in one game two robots roamed through a course and met in an unfamiliar part of it.
For example, an official met for the first time may abruptly sink his fingers into your neck.
No, a poem is a secret shared by people who have never met each other.
Then he told her that two years before they'd met, he'd gotten a vasectomy.
Soon they were met by police in riot gear who surrounded the area.
It's funny, they met each other at the taping of the pilot.

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