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Such fibers are both light-colored and messy, and so towhead can refer to someone with light or messy hair.
Mixing from the repeated use of the fire pit may or may not explain the messy order.
In other words, the truism that more information is always better proved untrue when life got a little messy.
And often, the only way to do it is to get messy ourselves.
Blossoms are followed by attractive cream-and-red seed capsules that drop and can be messy on paving.
Home brewing tends to be a deliciously messy and involved process.
Not surprisingly, given the chaotic auction process, the final outcome is messy.
It also allows for a messy bed to be kept out of sight.
As you sit down in your tiny, messy cube, fluorescent lights buzz overhead.
More than a business threat, the site has raised messy copyright issues and drawn the ire of established publishers.
The fact is, putting on the white coat necessitates doing a whole lot of icky, messy work.
Even then the next few weeks and months are almost certain to be frustrating, dangerous and messy.
Many times my kitchen becomes so messy and due to rotten potatoes.
They're called chimeras, and things get pretty messy.
Much less messy for all, a fresh start, and it doesn't seem as if it is personal.
Nobody can deny that the present arrangement is messy and hypocritical.
The messy layers of human experience get pulled together, and sometimes ordered, by words.
They are a lot of fun and let you get messy and make whatever you want.
Danger lies on either side of narrowly-defined treatment guidelines and messy realities.
Machine is an easy clean up: pods mean no messy coffee grounds.
Beyond that some students have given me plaques with funny things about doctoral work or my messy office.
Sovereign-debt crises are messy because there is no clear legal procedure.
Rather they are messy approximations that manage to get people's point across.
The messy melodrama of life-all the failed diets and fading friendships-becomes a sterile cartoon.
His writing is up to a messy second grader, so he is making progress on that.
The bullfrog tried to cross the road, with tragic messy results.
These simple mechanisms are noisy, messy and a little bit dangerous.
But the voltaic pile was expensive and could be messy.
The messy part, of course, is getting from here to there.
The current process for manufacturing it is a rather messy one involving ergot, a parasite of rye.
We're expecting a beefed up speaker, but those holes look too messy.
It's a gray and messy area, and there aren't any grand truths to clean it all up.
As a result, hadron collisions can be messy and difficult to interpret.
However, coals are messy and harder to lug around, and they spew smoke.
As new, small markets are tacked on to its empire, it risks overstretching an already messy structure.
They end with a wet pop, leaving behind messy splatters.
Authenticity, on the other hand, believes in the messy process of creativity.
The grease paint withstands hot sun and water, but it is messy.
Now imagine a bartender robot that could waggle its eyebrows sympathetically as you pour out the story of your messy divorce.
For professors who shift to the app world, there's one gadget they can do without: that messy ballpoint pen.
Contemporary physics might be a tad messy in places, but it undeniably works.
Now, a study shows that messy surroundings also make people more likely to stereotype others.
Facts on divorce rates, messy divorces and so forth are poor benchmarks for understanding why any persons marriage may fail.
Because the quarks and gluons within a proton are constantly interacting, a proton-proton collision is an inherently messy affair.
We humans are incredibly demanding because of our hunger and thirst-and the messy, odoriferous products of our satiety.
Sally packed devilled eggs-something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy.
But plans for brisk disengagement ignored messy realities on the ground.
But, messy as the reform plans are, they can still dramatically transform the system for the good.
Its truths are provisional, and its ethos collective and messy.
State relief is an ugly and messy measure to elevate employment.
The data is messy, and the studies often contradict each other.
It's far too messy a medium of expression to allow for a practical strategy of redress.
Granted, it was definitely a problem, as the government should never feel forced to engage in the messy business of bailouts.
The social and political sciences are messy and complicated.
One is that college is a messy and complicated market that would benefit from the harsh light of transparency.
The world is a gritty, messy place, and there are no perfect solutions.
At the risk of minimizing the real danger to all involved, there was incredible, messy narrative suspense to the whole situation.
Or rather, their position looks too messy, not quite lining up properly with anything.
Noise reduction cleaned up messy sources without removing much detail.
Maybe no amount of ratiocination can capture the messy heuristics of true devotion.
Both sets of companies are now in messy public divorces, because the parent companies had to change their trajectories.
The only question is how messy their disintegration will be.
As with all upheavals, there will be a messy chapter before clarity sets in and the actual balance of power becomes evident.
Most of us have complicated back stories, messy histories, multiple narratives.
But that doesn't mean all the questions in this messy case have been answered.
When, how, and how messy it will be are open to question.
The occupants were a messy lot, the excavators concluded.
There will be no provision to protect messy restaurant patrons.
Grilled shells impart a deep, full flavor, and the lobster is not wet and messy to eat.
It's a bit of a pain and won't really affect people much, but if it weren't done things would get messy eventually.
The problem lies in the messy reality of making the technology work well.
In the video you can see the messy, disorganized loops getting more and more tangled up.
Gets messy fast when the celebs and politicos jump in with their ill-informed opinions doesn't it.
Humans are pretty good at this, while computers are easily confused by the messy residuals.
Science in general is a messy practice and psychology may be the messiest practice of them all.
It is much simpler to arrange a low-entropy beginning than a messy high-entropy beginning.
Human life is always messy and problematic, the poor will always be with us and also wars, etc.
Scientists are human beings subject to ambition, ego and other messy emotions and desires.
Yet unlike the boiling-water method, no messy mechanical processes are involved.
She told me the officer was going through a messy divorce and was not functioning correctly.
But it is a struggle when your bank is hugely complex, culturally messy and heavily exposed to a still-wobbly housing market.
Because science is done by people, its progress is messy.
One excuse for such intransigence comes from the messy transition now taking place in the insurance markets.
If a messy default is forced upon a euro-zone country, it might be tempted to reinvent its own currency.
When high legal principles clash with a quite different social reality, the results are inevitably messy.
The measurement of permanent electric dipole moments can get rather messy mathematically.
Because spheres and cylinders are used to construct boxes with rounded edges, a transparent box of this type appears quite messy.
It's less messy and seems to cover more of the chicken that way.
When it s a wastewater facility inundated by storm surge, things could get messy.
But it is becoming increasingly awkward and messy, and it has holes in it.
They are messy agglomerations of talent and culture.

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