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The work is a meditation on the nature of secrecy and the elusiveness of truth, its message written entirely in code.
In this case, the message is written with a four-letter alphabet.
The point being that a play doesn't necessarily have an obligation to convey a moral, social, or political message.
Message and presentation were inextricably intertwined, with the latter lending power, impact and even meaning to the former.
When enough redundant words are added, the meaning of the message becomes unique.
Send secret messages to your friends with secret codes and ciphers.
The message was painted on the roof of a splintered and sunken house.
It seems that it can adopt liberal or nationalist rhetoric with equal ease to push its message of strength and power.
Could be subliminal messages playing with your mind.
We know they use chemicals to send messages to one another.
Sometimes, a message must be reviewed, which may take a few hours.
The messages that actually made it to their destination passed through an average of six people.
Thank you for the warm message.
As a country, we seem to be getting this message.
They ripped open the envelopes and were surprised to find a message relating not to some national calamity, but to dentistry.
The underlying message from both parents was that we ought to leave the campground cleaner than we found it.
The best response to a heated or insulting message is not to reply immediately.
Think about the message that you want to convey and points that will convince people that your message is reasonable.
Whether it's right or not, the message the heels convey might not be the message you want the search committee receiving.
The message gives the object's coordinates at the time of its discovery so other astronomers can track it.
Clues came via text message or also on paper slips hidden throughout the museum.
The songs on this album came out of not knowing how else to get the message across.
Now when you wear fragrance, you want to send a mysterious message.
They tried to spread their message through rock and roll.
Maybe that's the message ancient civilizations wanted us to know.
It was a great message and all the naysayers are missing the point.
But he could not relay that message to the tribe for fear of being branded a traitor, or killed.
Every little while, the parlor-maid brings a message or a package.
Having thus ascertained that the family was of equal caste to her own, she sent a message to her father to send the chariot.
Whenever a member registered, the member's contacts got the message.
Those neurons get their message from hormones, including insulin and leptin.
He sends her his e-mail address and what he hopes is an engaging opening message.
But they'll still know you were sending some sort of message.
Maybe this time, the message of going greener is getting across.
That's the message military and national security experts gathered here want to send to climate scientists.
The message they wanted to convey was it was better to eat more of some things than others.
Still, it's a message that consumers and device manufacturers have yet to take to heart even as more products flood the market.
It does convey the message, but is illogical in some places and constructed poorly.
Fiesta's insight is that you should be able to instantly create and name an email group from within your new message itself.
But although the messenger was softer, the message was not.
Their message resonated down the ages and still have value today.
Sooner or later, every medium starts to influence the message.
Readers send a text message to a number printed in the book and receive location-based clues that they use to solve a mystery.
He sent the message's through the husband's genuine e-mail account.
Finally, please add your name and address to the final line of the email message.
Chromatophores change because they get a message from the brain.
The message tells the cells to enlarge or to shrink.
And they succeeded that day in getting their message across.
Scientists put the dust under the microscope and try to discern its message.
The box also has space to write your own personal message, making it perfect for gift giving.
Arrives in a presentation box with space for you to write a personal message.
Now you can have the latest news sent to your mobile phone via text message.
Even a message that is impregnably encoded by today's standards may be cracked in the future.
He sends a text message to ask for a seasonal weather forecast for the region.
The source has does not have any relation to the message.
He followed the requirements of any modern campaign: raise cash and deliver a clear message.
His followers took the message to billboards and flyers.
The following text will automatically be appended to your message:.
The school sends the message that order doesn't have to be oppressive.
The more utterly the protagonist is crushed, the more urgent and forceful the message.
But that message was mixed with more general calls for jobs and even revolution.
First, however, you'll get a bounce-back message that directs you to a brief video.
The message from scientists at this point couldn't be clearer: the world's emissions trajectory is extremely dangerous.
The telegraph always manages to convey the wrong message.
When you select a station, the map zooms in, and a short message pops up.
Protestors don't have a concise policy platform or message that they're pushing.
It's a movie in which the surface message and the emotional message are completely out of whack.
How the message is said relies to a large extent on autonomic body language and past interactions.
We need to create events that convey a message to reinforce our paid message.
Of course, even if he had said something, my financial adviser might not have relayed the message.
The logic was clear, but the message was about means over mission.
The message is that biotechnology in the twenty-first century is as dangerous as nuclear technology in the twentieth.
The need to reduce the work of art to its message obfuscates the character of its artistic lineage.
Water's message, which he returns to often in his books and essays, does not appear to sadden or frighten him.
Message to my own family: you are a splendid exception, of course.
If you use the wrong colors to the wrong audience, you're sending a mixed message.
It's up to us in the scientific community to figure out how to stay on message.
Considering their subtlety, the message these wispy signals bring is one of surprising violence.
The basic message is simple: sure, you can find some circles in the sky if you look there.
They deliver a clear moral message and no surprises.
Your computer might, for instance, see that you're busy and block instant-message interruptions.

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