mesmerize in a sentence

Example sentences for mesmerize

Sure, a simple sandbox and climbing gym are enough to mesmerize toddlers.
Predator-based exhibits and petting pool mesmerize children.
The images are beautiful enough, to mesmerize any who view them.
Every now and then, some nonhuman freak comes along to mesmerize movie audiences.
Better as an intro to zesty color combos than to red, yellow and blue, but certain to mesmerize all ages.
Its haunting eye sockets and full set of milk teeth mesmerize with the same sense of symmetry found in a great work of art.
She has an ability to mesmerize audiences with her presence while also making frequent careless misstatements.
But if a play relies on a couple for about three-quarters of its dialogue, then they had best mesmerize.
Their bright colors never cease to mesmerize me, breaking apart the drab palette of grays and whites that surround us.
If that is not enough, the scenery will mesmerize you.
The light bulbs mesmerize as they turn brilliant purple, hot pink and royal blue.
These free performances mesmerize audiences with water and lights choreographed to music.
Some ducks will dart, some will glide, and all will mesmerize those in pursuit.
Instead, he seemed to mesmerize them with his obvious inner struggle.

Famous quotes containing the word mesmerize

Oh when to apprize Is to mesmerize, To see fall down, the Column of Gold, Into the commonest ash.... more
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