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Example sentences for merriment

In the middle of all this handmade merriment are machine-finished light boxes, illuminating the show's logo.
People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion.
Sure enough, the twinkle in the eye can inflect a deadpan delivery with deliberate merriment.
Any skillful entertainer can generate a sense of merriment on a stage.
But some of the merriment ebbed during the press conference.
There are parts of the world where the subject of police corruption allows no margin for merriment.
Traditional verses, rhymes and jokes are set in boxes within full-page illustrations filled with children, dogs and merriment.
Live piano music and a talented vocalist give further momentum to the merriment.
Beyond these bits of mild nonsense and odd affectation are real merit and considerable merriment.
It is a case of their performances affording merriment which is not always in keeping with this subject.
They also ran through the theater's aisles and took members of the audience onstage with them to join the merriment.
And she treats any literary experience as an occasion for merriment.
But it does possess mild and mellow merriment all along the way.
But what made the onstage merriment possible was a tradition of courage and determination.
But it also has a nonsensical glaze that contributes to the inadvertent merriment.
Occasionally he widened his eyes or raised his forehead to express merriment.
She has breathing exercises and diaphragm tests, all of which afford merriment to the audience.
It has little if any drama, but now and again a bit of comedy with a dog or with a monkey is bound to create merriment.
The dancers scampered in desperate attempts at merriment.
The holidays have always been a time for food, drink, and merriment.
He was to measure his merriment and hedge on his tragedies.
The show is a decorous boneyard of defunct merriment, with the odd.
The merriment of the crowds can belie the desperation of the costumed performers who need to make rent.
The park goes all out for the holidays, and it seems that almost no part is left untouched by the merriment of the season.
Painter, who is a veteran federal computer crimes prosecutor, did his best to contribute to the merriment.
Her public intimacy did not engage him-he never looked at her during the merriment.
The whole comedy moves in an atmosphere of boisterous merriment.
Their wit and their folly, their fretfulness and their merriment, are exposed to us.
And, with a final uncontrollable burst of merriment, she vanished through the trees.
It's the month packed with special events and parties and general merriment.
They occupied such time in joking and in merriment as seemed fitted for growling.
Free hot chocolate and snacks while they last, and ice artists carving blocks of ice add to the merriment of kite flying.
His music came from his heart and carried the tones of troubles and triumphs, mourning and merriment.
The stations' talented deejays will engage the audience with contests, prizes, laughter and merriment.
It's time to be dazzled and delighted with musical merriment.
His example was followed by all present, and the evening was spent in merriment.
Enjoy music and merriment with a variety of live entertainers.
Enjoy a seasonal feast that includes slow-roasted carved sirloin and salmon, and cap it all off with dancing and merriment.
Twenty-one short stories in which magic, merriment, and suspense create another world where anything is possible.

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