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Don't invite anyone to dismiss it before reading it---truly let it go in for evaluation on its own merits.
And some of the anxiety about mining stocks is merely a pretext to preach the merits of actively managed funds, with higher fees.
The new interpretation is bound to face a fiery crucible as its merits are debated by scientists.
Perhaps this is a relationship that merits more thoughtful exploration.
Again, the government and the courts declined to address the merits of the allegations.
Each one has potentially grave implications for free expression and academic freedom, and thus merits closer scrutiny.
The logic behind the proposed revisions, therefore, merits a further look.
Nearly six years later, the merits of the lawsuits have never been addressed.
Certainly a subject that merits a full-length modern biography.
The source is critical to re-framing the offer for breaking down the sacred values, if at all it merits.
It took days and days of arduous play to judge their merits.
The merits and terrors of nuclear power will be discussed.
He regularly stumps for the technology at energy conferences, where audiences bubble with curiosity at its many merits.
And there's nothing in it that merits the current outrage.
The mathematical part of the above argument stands on its own merits.
The individual merits the fulcrum of fantasy, only it's the branding of fantasy.
Afterwards, it all depends on the merits of your research proposal.
Dryers that can argue the merits of having dry clothes.
They also ignore the fact that the gravity of the allegations merits a close look by regulators.
You'll only be able to carry four weapons at a time, though every weapon has its merits.
Experts dispute the merits of putting price tags on human organs.
Failing to grade each paper based on its merits or lack thereof is a failure to teach properly.
Let the concept of speciation live or die on its own merits.
To guard against this, scientists have produced many dramatic proposals, each with its own merits.
Nor will they be asked to weigh in on the merits of animal testing on pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
The merits of stock options elsewhere have received little attention.
As the study of genealogy increases among us, so do the typographical merits of the printed books improve.
Several people state exactly why these degrees do not possess the same merits as a traditional program.
Many questions exist over the merits of a systemic-risk regulator.
Leaving politics and sociology aside, the image compels on its own merits.
If it merits inclusion, that you owe it to yourself to look at the thing with your own eyes.
It must be some anti-science reflex, to cheat when you can't win on merits alone.
Obviously each project should be measured on its merits.
Your work is all yours, and it rises or falls on its own merits.
And though much is made of the steam engine, ice scarcely merits a mention.
Whatever the merits of size, consolidation appears inevitable.
Debating the merits of his work is easy, and somewhat sterile.
Stay tuned for great debates about the merits of cloud seeding versus conservation, and desalinization versus re-use.
It's the last refuge of people who can't or won't make their argument on the merits.
Several of us judge the relative merits of graduating students' shoe selections.
Another anecdote shows that poor knowledge of another language can also have its merits.
We know that the muscling aside of term limits, whatever the law's merits, was a travesty.
But this downgrade should be treated on its own merits.
The government needs to stop supporting energy technology that should have succeeded or failed on its own merits by now.
The question is whether pure science's intrinsic merits are enough.
Simply evaluating the merits of each candidate's answer was a challenge.
Space exploration is a handy target for any program that can't get funding on its merits.
But each needs to stand on it's merits based on sound economics, not make believe, wishing it.
The incomparable brilliancy of its diction and versification are merits which, to be acknowledged, need only to be mentioned.
And when he was dead all his former merits and his valiant acts were remembered.
Technical training may give the negative merits of style, as an elocutionist may help a public speaker by ridding him of tricks.
If space permitted quotations might be made from other speeches here given, for each has its own distinctive merits.
The contemporaries of the author were not blind to the merits of this striking piece.
Whatever the merits of this approach, performance measures are part of the landscape for working scientists.
In addition to the merits of many of its arguments his book has the virtues of the best utilitarian manner in moral philosophy.
Whatever the merits of these policies they are based on a long-standing, but still mostly secret, strategy.
Most of these students have been accepted on their merits, and a considerable proportion of them major in science or mathematics.
They gradually came to see merits in diversity, and so became skeptical about definitive solutions in human affairs.
It even has some economic merits: it may help speed the flow of money out the door.
While this is a statement rather than a question it certainly merits consideration.
Anyone who helps improve the human condition merits some commendation.
Your case will be laid out so that you can easily evaluate it on its scientific merits.
The paper will stand or fall on its scientific merits.
These things have no bearing on the merits of any particular belief system.
In that forum it stands on its merits, or lack thereof.
That's a shortcut in place of real debate and taking an argument on its merits.
What's wrong with this movie is that, on its own merits, it stinks.
Jazz aficionados have always enjoyed nothing more than debating the relative merits of different performers.
He says the funding is in no way based on any genuine belief among scientists that alternative medicine merits further study.
At this, the third stage, the biological merits of village warfare manifestly began to disappear.
One must learn through experience to weigh the merits of line, of composition, of form and color.
As the exception, rather than the norm, the fourth stage merits no further description.
In a world of deleveraging, the carry trade is the first thing to go, regardless of the merits of the country concerned.
But the risk that it is a sort of self-reinforcing groupthink merits attention.
On the merits, there is plenty of room for quibbling, and there will be quite a bit of quibbling.
The winners get some public money-their merits having been proven to the city's risk-averse bureaucrats.
Low-cost funds that track such indices are obliged to buy these stocks whatever their merits.
So its strength may simply be down to a lack of confidence in paper currencies rather than its own merits.
But lower borrowing costs are of little use if politicians remain sceptical about the merits of fiscal pump-priming.
It is easy to get into arguments about the history, technique and merits of saunas.
Such desires are hardly new-indeed each stands on its own merits.
The more people are free to rise on their own merits, the more they will race on the treadmill for status.
Then it emerged that a legislator had commissioned research into the merits of breaking the link.
The party press does not usually harp on the merits of democracy.
But they also aim to inform potential students of the merits of different courses.
Whatever its intrinsic merits, the timing of the crackdown is unfortunate.
Whatever its long-term merits, such infrastructure spending is unlikely to be much help in the short term.
But a policy of pinching one's nose and engaging with malodorous regimes has its merits.
The debate about the merits of representative and direct democracy goes back to ancient times.
The health-care reform is not without its merits from business's perspective.
Otherwise, she may fall short of the final four slot her talent merits.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.
And quite a few minutes debating the merits of ginger-ale brands.
The two were so certain of their idea's merits that they quit school to start a company.
Each intervention has to be judged on its merits, the benefits weighed against the costs and risks.
In other businesses, brands compete on their merits.

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