meritocracy in a sentence

Example sentences for meritocracy

The promise of the meritocracy has not been fulfilled.
He represents the triumph of meritocracy in an increasingly open society.
The rough meritocracy of the network is what makes it so powerful and so giving.
It is tempting, then, to point to all these changes and proclaim that elite higher education is at long last a meritocracy.
It also runs against the grain of a nation based on meritocracy and opportunity.
In that situation, the goals of meritocracy seemed to be at odds with spousal hiring.
They still want to believe that meritocracy is still well and alive in the country.
Cricket should strive to be a meritocracy off the field, as well as on it.
Diversity, opportunity, and the shifting meritocracy in higher education.
They are free-marketeers who believe furiously in meritocracy.
Old-fashioned meritocracy cannot be relied upon to put the finishing touches to this revolution.
It's relatively easy to run an open source software project as a meritocracy, a level playing field that encourages participation.
Her world was a pure meritocracy where all could rise.
In a meritocracy, actors who act well get good roles.
Ergo an inherited meritocracy quickly becomes social stratification.
But speaking of the supposed meritocracy: there isn't one.
It is the incoherence of meritocracy: giving everyone a chance and then privileging the talented.
The fairness aimed at is the negation not only of aristocracy but also of meritocracy.
They don't allow students to defend meritocracy as a reality, not a myth.
But that is a question the fake meritocracy studiously avoids.
They believe that they work in a meritocracy, particularly if they have been given tenure.
One possible problem is the moral foundation that underlies capitalism: meritocracy.
In today's meritocracy this situation no longer obtains.
Access to health and education are different from any other things, as they are the basis for meritocracy.
Oh come on, sport is not about racism but pure talent and meritocracy.
When jobs and deals go to the good old boys, networks tend to undermine meritocracy.
If the playing field were level, meritocracy would be a great thing.
It is a meritocracy where success depends not on who you are, but on how well you do your job.
Extreme wealth inequality is destroying our meritocracy.
We need to return to a country that embraces meritocracy.
Hypocrisy aside, opponents of affirmative action are misjudged in their defense of meritocracy itself.
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