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Example sentences for merited

Their structure--an elegant double helix--almost merited such enthusiasm.
When the for-profit motive is thrown into the mix, suspicions--merited or otherwise--naturally increase.
Parole boards served as another brake on unduly harsh sentences, deciding when prisoners merited early release.
But as to the other sections that merited disapproval, there was no senator who dared to condemn them.
All this amounted to a big disruption of the sort merited only by genuine danger.
In that context, the tenor of my comments on this thread have not merited the kind of rage you are spewing.
If the latter, then perhaps a change in approach is merited.
Paging through the rough draft of the list, figuring out who merited the extra attention, was a strange experience.
Even allowing for the hyperbole generated on such occasions the commendations were merited.
Work that ordinarily would have merited a day sale seemed to pad out the more prestigious evening events.
Global climate change is a serious threat, and immediate and meaningful policy action is merited.
The authors replied that it was a preliminary investigation to determine if further research was merited.
Contumely sometimes falls on the unreason the vapidity, the garrulity of medieval discourses, and it is sometimes merited.
Additional updates on the new east rift zone activity will be posted each afternoon as merited.
And, where trust is not merited, make sure the penalty is high.

Famous quotes containing the word merited

With memory set smarting like a reopened wound, a man's past is not simply a dead history, an outworn preparation of the... more
Praise when merited is not a boon: yet to a generous nature, is it pleasant to utter it.... more
The years go by in single file; But none has merited my fear, And none has quite escaped my smile.... more
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