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Duncan's “fantastic” versus “mediocre” issue —teacher layoffs here are based on seniority rather than merit.
The idea of merit pay is a good one: teachers should be paid more for teaching better.
Both their lives and their writings merit close attention.
Studentships will be awarded on the basis of merit.
Where sugar, coffee and flour addict us in various ways, the lemon has earned its place on merit alone.
Not if the new lawsuit has any merit.
In the building, he bears the title of vice president, and affixes his signature to such matters of surety claims as merit it.
Each should stand on its own merit.
We find that there is much merit in both dark and white chocolate, and we have two recipes to prove it.
The employees had been scheduled to receive merit raises in April 2004.
The work has real merit because these particular crocs are threatened by a dam downstream that has flooded their ancient habitat.
The merit of this bird's strain is in its freedom from all plaintiveness.
Some people, of course, would quarrel with the notion that literary merit can be quantified.
They want everyone to have a slot who wants one, and they want the slots to be awarded according to merit.
He says that he emerged convinced of the program's merit.
He feels his discovery is of enough importance to merit exploration and contacts several friends, employed by foundations.
But the more important story is that critics didn't recognize the film's great artistic merit.
And yet, lurking underneath the anti-spending, pro-tax-cutting cant is one idea that might truly have merit.
Although the statues had little artistic merit, and were not antiques, the thieves were demanding high prices.
These questions merit sustained and unflinching debate.
It's not particularly fast, but solid text output combined with excellent color prints merit consideration.
The event's aims were not simply focused on bragging rights and artistic merit.
Being balanced doesn't mean you need to give equal weight to ideas regardless of their merit.
The entire cap and trade approach is without merit and economically unsound.
Simulations are tools to allow us to see if our ideas have merit.
Let's forget about all these myths and generalizations and judge individuals on merit.
While that view has some merit, it needs to be balanced with the individuals as well.
The criticisms of his studies concluded they were almost entirely without merit.
The protocol may prove revealing and could merit further research.
The big bounce idea is an interesting one and obviously with some merit.
So determinism has no merit in any reality except a subjective viewers.
It was brushed aside as if it were too baseless a question to hold any merit.
The pastoral charge is certainly the first of all others in merit and dignity.
They have great merit, but seldom the particular merit of the originals.
Envy is an awkward homage that inferiority pays to merit.
Their style is often pedantic, and their works without literary merit.
Not only are they admirers, but their admiration is perhaps a clue both to much of their merit and to some of their defects.
Those who do not read criticism will rarely merit to be criticised.
The merit belongs to the beginner should his successor do even better.
The first act of this play is work of high and rare merit.
Every heart ought to rejoice when true merit is distinguished with public notice.
Both sides compromised on key points related to salaries and merit-pay increases.
Even more surprisingly, the amount of money spent on need-based grants grew faster than the amount spent on merit-based grants.
She also talks to them about the university's merit scholarships.
Never impose a candidate on a department without its consent, and never waver from the principle of merit.
The university's lawyer disputed that, saying pay raises were merit-based.
We're talking about economic policies that are not based purely on merit.
Colleges taking another look at value of merit-based aid.
State-financed merit scholarships are the fastest-growing type of financial aid for college.
The court dismissed the complaint, saying that the plaintiff didn't show sufficient harm to merit the injunction.
His theory is appealing in the sense that it pushes us in the direction of a rounder view of human merit.
Increasingly, the military is creating a command structure that rewards conformism and ignores merit.
Resources are allocating according to political clout rather than any criteria of merit.
And that failure ought to merit space in every essay on the disposition.
There's some merit to the idea but it ended up being a distraction.
Large, ornate civic buildings often merit a lawn, because they cannot be visually comprehended close up.
Such a system has political and symbolic merit, and seemed feasible at a time when violence was sporadic.
He said that is was so soulful that he wanted to give the music an opportunity to stand on its own merit.
He could hear the merit of your observations implication.
Despite the horrific consequences of this crude form of neurosurgery, there was a kernel of scientific merit to lobotomies.
They did not receive excessive financial merit either.
Who knows, by then he may even merit his own question, an eventuality worthy of his curious character.
Marc's lawyers dismissed the charges as totally without merit.
Since then, there have been a couple developments that merit a follow-up.
So adolescents are happier to accept inequalities as long as they're based on merit.
There was no clear merit system to help outstanding scientists.
And that therefore there might still be some merit to magical thinking.
In my opinion, the scientific merit behind their work is slightly clouded.
If it had any real merit, it surely would have influenced evolutionary science since then.
If you cannot defend your ideas without verbally abusing your opponents then your ideas are without merit.
Therefore, by and large, the ideas that move out of the science arena into the public arena should have discernible merit.
To that end, he asked four independent experts in vision to review the paper, and only one questioned its scientific merit.
While supernatural explanations may be important and have merit, they are not part of science.
He has always been a great generator of ideas that have varying merit.
There is some merit to this fear, as anti-science groups have been actively trying to get the public to make that same connection.
These arguments are not without merit, but they are exaggerated.
My criterion was simple: choose significant poems of literary merit.
His political tracts well deserve to be studied for their literary merit.
He is also dissatisfied with my summary of his argument about offices and merit.
At the same time, a heroic devotion to literature became a standard of merit.
The second one has merit but is sometimes overstated.
Surely this is a topic of such importance to more than half the race that it could merit a few additional pages.
The counter-view is that the next head should be selected strictly on merit regardless of nationality.
He introduced merit pay for public workers and performance metrics for state agencies.
Again, history suggests that oversight of this area is not without merit.
The hardest thing for its leader is to decide which ones merit attention.
Instead of job security and guarantees, they want opportunity and merit pay.
If the job were to be decided solely on merit and experience, his would be the strongest claim.
Whatever the merit of the fence in fighting terrorism, it will not alter the economics of migration.
Wise firms recruit people on the basis of merit, not blood or background.
It also leads to an aristocracy of money not of merit.
If you merit a full pardon, it's fine to break out the bubbly.
Merit sites have good safety and health management systems, but these systems need some improvement to be judged excellent.

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