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Adding to the integration complexity is the fact that this combination is a true merger rather than a takeover situation.
The bank has risen to seventh in global merger advice.
The two groups say they will craft a merger proposal to be submitted to both boards of directors in the coming months.
But its focus is squarely on the post-trade aspects of any merger.
Ribbing at the cuffs and hem ensures a snow-tight merger.
It could be the result of a merger between two stars and systems in which planets evolved and grouped separately.
It is equally not a merger negotiation or courtroom drama.
Now a merger would come more from weakness than strength.
From the beginning, says a former executive, there was violence inside the merger.
But this tumultuous galactic merger is anything but peaceful.
Indeed the move would be politically disastrous for him since the government did so much to facilitate the merger.
Not exactly twin press releases heralding the merger.
Nothing about this merger will improve the consumers lot.
However, the practicability of a merger remains in question.
Trading volume on the major exchanges is climbing, while the merger market is booming.
That's why sometimes company pays premium in merger and acquisition.
And unless mega-dollars flowed with the merger, nothing more could be accomplished than is currently done.
The merger revolutionized shoe equipment manufacturing and the shoe industry itself.
If he's elected, the merger between parties will accelerate as he becomes a national figure.
The final possibility is that merger activity is shrinking jobs.
On top of that, other studies looking at the velocities of stars and gas in the galaxy also indicate a merger.
Even if the regents approved merger proposals, however, actual consolidations could not happen immediately.
For example, the merger of the departments in sciences has been discussed on campus for more than a decade.
But history suggests that once a merger wave begins, it can grow quickly.
He's also not sorry about sitting out the merger dance.
It was meant as a joke, but such a merger has been the subject of serious speculation for months.
The last few months have been extremely busy with merger-related activities.
The merger will not only help meet this goal, but do it without taxpayer money during a time of fiscal crisis in our country.
All of the merger plans that carriers were looking at last summer can be dusted off.

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