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Three companies that provide home infusion services announced yesterday that they would merge.
Possibly, the answer to the question of how to merge might be: don't.
Two stars merge to form a blue straggler in an artist's conception.
Futurists and science-fiction writers speculate about a time when brain activity will merge with computers.
On ripening fruit, cream-colored concentric areas grow and merge over the whole fruit.
If he's right, exponential progress in science and engineering will allow us to merge with machines.
The core then collapses into an object so dense that its protons and electrons merge to form neutrons.
In a similar way, the protogalaxies would then merge to form galaxies, and the galaxies would congregate into galaxy clusters.
After several conversations, the two companies agreed to merge.
If that is true under the present arrangements, it will be more so after they merge.
From a long distance they merge into the hypotenuse.
Dark matter, meanwhile, continued to merge and grow into ever larger structures.
On a still smaller scale, dark energy has reduced the rate at which galaxies yank on, bang into and merge with one another.
Astronomers think galaxies frequently collide and merge to make bigger galaxies.
It will even merge this data with occupancy calendars and local weather predictions.
Can merge a contact's various accounts into a single entry.
The wind picked up in the afternoon, forcing the hot daytime temperatures to merge into a cold evening.
In some billions of years they will merge and create a new galaxy.
Some believe that he may have been trying to merge the two gods into one.
In the natural world, systems merge and evolve into something else.
They have the power to merge threads, but so far this has not happened.
Later, merge arrows routed traffic around a medical emergency.
Eventually even my consciousness will merge with that of others.
Now, the health reforms are piling on the pressure to merge.
They become chimeras not because their embryos merge but because more often than not their placentas do.
The birds might even return to the fold of their parent species, and merge with them through interbreeding.
The biggest challenge is to merge parts of the job-centres with the welfare offices.
They might even merge with other municipalities to eliminate duplication of services.
Often, motorists must yield to a cyclist if the cyclist has the right of way, such as during a merge or a four-way stop.
Huge corporations continue to merge and get even bigger.
For you must merge, merge into the flood of rushing lights.
Reality can sometimes merge with fantasy when it comes to jewels.
All the shadows on the wall shiver and merge into a single dark silhouette.
Two people cannot, however, merge into a single undifferentiated being and remain in that state of fusion indefinitely.
Other times, the snow swirls so thick that the air seems to merge with the ground and the horizon, and all landmarks disappear.
Laurie said this in many different ways above, but what interests me is when scientific and social knowledge merge.
Instead, researchers believe a more likely progenitor is a pair of neutron stars that merge into one.
Competing brands of non-necessities merge to survive.
Merge these two mixtures in a punch bowl containing a large block of ice.
When tablet and traditional computing awkwardly merge.
If people cant drive on the road, or merge into other traffic it is them that needs to be removed.
Communities regularly merge and create new groups of ideas.
Scenes of childhood are played in brief microscopic clips that merge into dream and distorted recollection.
Eventually their professional and personal lives would merge, and out of that came new creative and business ideas.
Merge onto an open highway, however, and all will be forgiven.
As they merge, each seems to be calculating the optimal angle and distance at which to attach itself to the others.
Under the new restrictions, the credit market could determine which operations should merge or close.
First, the debt-collection business has begun to merge with the bigger customer-service call-centre industry.
The pair announced their intention to merge almost a year ago.
The government's new measures include inducements to get small companies to merge.
One way to form such a bar is to have a big galaxy collide and merge with another galaxy.
Unfortunately, that dog can't be used to produce the next generation or the two lines will quickly merge.
However, if the space between bubbles is expanding fast enough, they never merge completely.
Few animal displays so wonderfully merge the sublime and the ridiculous.
In the end, there can only be one: the two will merge, forming a larger elliptical galaxy.
Some cold atoms kept escaping, too, leaving behind too few to snuggle up and merge.
In a couple of billion years, we'll get our chance, when the two galaxies collide and eventually merge.
If the atoms are bosons, and there's no heat energy to keep them wiggling away from their neighbors, they will merge into one.
We're fast approaching the moment when humans and machines merge.
Acting is a difficult art, but the best actors make it invisible, the better to merge with their characters.

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