meretricious in a sentence

Example sentences for meretricious

Some of it is downright meretricious; much of it is mediocre or second-rate.
All others are meretricious and probably vile.
What a load of meretricious codswallop.
Don't prattle on here with your meretricious verbiage of immaculateness.
Much that was presumptuous and meretricious withered under his gaze.
This is a thoroughly meretricious analogy.
Nothing is turgid or meretricious, strange or fantastic.
This is meretricious in the extreme.
The plot could make a meretricious popular novel three times its size.
But there are longueurs and passages of meretricious vulgarity.
That's because it usually describes the architecturally meretricious, including super-tallness.
Neither privilege applies to quasi-marriage or meretricious relationships.
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