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Find the merest hint of a pattern, and then exploit the daylights out of it.
The existence of this little group of elephants-probably no more than five today-hangs by the merest thread.
So are sunshine, college football, and panicky raids on grocery stores at the merest hint of snow.
The merest human vegetable can conceivably provide valuable data on the working of the human brain.
My eyes glazed over at the merest glimpse of an equation.
The fact that district attorneys are allowed to do so while jurors are not is the merest bureaucratic quibble.
Any further questioning of the status quo was the merest vanity.
The traders thought their captives to be less-than-human lumpen and whipped them mercilessly for the merest offense.
It may be the profoundest wisdom, or it may be the merest matter of moonshine.
Amory looked him over carefully and later he could have drawn him after a fashion, down to the merest details.
Six years seemed all at once the merest breath of time to have waited for it.
It did the switch with the merest changing of spots.
In this environment, the merest hint of a partisan decision could have been disastrous.
But this is the merest tip of the technical work needed to track and secure the world's dangerous nuclear materials.
Otherwise, the merest jiggle would break the magnetic calm.
It can live on practically nothing in the merest drop of water.
Even as tragedy encroaches on her, though, grief is given only the merest acknowledgment.
Combine the two liquids and add the merest dusting of cinnamon.
Yet her tired eyes, her chin set into the palm of her hand, and the merest hint of doubt in her expression signal concern.
Gillette's slightest word, his merest bint of expression was enough.
The merest trace of acid will turn blue litmus paper pink.

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