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Some say the report merely confirms common sense.
More than merely ineffective, farm policies impose substantial harm.
He is merely a frugal academic, not a financial professional.
Photograph people being active, rather than merely posing, and take enough time to put the subject at ease.
Little began work on the comic in 2002 and estimates he posted merely 10 pages by the end of 2003.
So this time, we merely asked our kids where they liked to go the most.
Many of the diseases that used to kill us now merely afflict us.
Nor were these edits merely recommended.
Yet, the younger group stand sharply and definitely apart; they are not merely of a younger generation but of a different age.
If a dog attempts to climb up on a can while the cart is parked at the curb, the can merely spins around without upsetting.
Most people were merely thinking of replacing one type of carpeting plant with another that required less water.
Beauty is neither extended to the whole field of all living things nor merely enclosed in this field.
Etiquette, remember, is merely a collection of forms by which all personal contacts in life are made smooth.
Nor is it less easy to prove that tendency-wit as far as technique is concerned may be merely the wit of words.
But they were not merely books of extracts from newspapers.
Trademarks are merely the right to indicate the origin of a product or service.
In the past the state reacted by confiscating dishes on rooftops, which led merely to fresh orders.
It is not merely inhumane killing that is wrong, but inhumane treatment in life must be equally wrong.
Where his uppity energy once inspired the country's voters, today it seems merely to annoy.
The attorney-general's ruling that there was no evidence of wrongdoing merely provided face-saving cover for his inevitable exit.
Mergers are more likely to work when a company chooses a partner that fits well, rather than one that is merely available.
Planets orbiting stars beyond the sun are labelled merely with the name of the star and a suffix letter.
But the clients of stockbrokers have, in aggregate, merely taken home their dividends.
On a good day, one merely wastes too much time in the car.
If this were done merely in marketing materials, it might be tolerable.
The government contends that graft is not increasing: it is merely that more is coming to light as the industry is restructured.
By failing to buy insurance, an individual is merely inactive.
To the untrained eye, the painting is merely an array of abstract lines and circles.
But such avoidance, they say, is merely a symptom of a poorly designed tax system.
Merely counting pennies is no way to measure national prowess.
In such cosy prisons minds don't merely wander, they race.
Words matter because they are not merely an expression of thought but the way to thought itself.
We merely have to pay close attention to the words used in the argument.
The committee will not consider you, so you're merely wasting its time as well as your own.
But others said that there was no conspiracy to unearth, and that the case represented merely a unique instance of bad judgment.
They are merely bully pulpits from which the faculty can address the largely independent and powerful administration.
Colleges should also invite speakers who reflect diverse viewpoints-and not merely as academic window dressing.
What heretofore was merely private gossip, limited to small networks of individuals, is now published for all.
These behaviors and potential causes are in no way exhaustive, and they are merely examples.
Of course, this is merely what people say in theory.
But he's wrongheaded to think that merely because science demonstrates something, society will take action.
Whether it reshapes the discipline or proves merely to be the flavor of the decade, a professor ought to know about it.
We were excited to see an inexpensive contender in this category, but a little testing revealed it to be merely cheap.
Merely having the specs for a product doesn't mean a copycat will make a quality item.
Without this, it is merely speculation that need further examination.
He lavishly appointed his interiors, in striking contrast to the merely functional look of shops up to that point.
Electric aviators are merely adapting a new power source to well-proven ideas and designs.
Of course, this is merely a survey, and not an election.
But what she wears and who attends the wedding are merely the beginning of the story.
The wild dogs seem to be merely loping along, even as they match the impalas' blazing speed.
Mention of tomatoes, of course, merely added problems to the puzzle.
Monkeys were able operate the arm merely by thinking.
And hundreds of unwary-or merely unlucky-explorers have lost their lives attempting to probe their secrets.
Merely walking through an upper-caste neighborhood is a life-threatening offense.
He contended that the larger animals were merely lying on top of the younger ones.
To generate lift, a bird has merely to tilt its wings, adjusting the flow of air below and above them.
Mirages dance over the valley, making it seem that the green plants shimmering below are merely an illusion.
Once thought to be merely dim-witted creatures of the past, dinosaurs have proven to be intriguing and diverse.
No one needs to, and no one should, accept evolution merely as a matter of faith.
Happily for me the dive is brief, merely involving inspection of the bomb.
Childhood is more than merely a springboard to adulthood.
Merely adjusting the legal age up or down doesn't work-we've tried that already and failed.
The judge might seriously consider merely suspending sentence and ordering the prisoner's deportation.
Progressives did not merely seek to use government as an instrument of reform.
It will be merely settling an open question of law as every court frequently does.
But this sentence isn't merely inconsistent with the paragraph.
Inflation creates no new wealth, but merely pares down the mountain of debt to reasonable levels.
The latter would indicate a clear effort to cut consumption, while the former could merely be a result of declining prices.
He was merely the loudest member of a growing crowd of market cheerleaders.
Never was sea creature or bird officially targeted merely for the crime of living in the air or sea.
It says that the company wasn't merely allowing people to gamble illegally but also stealing money from its customers.
To say the problem is merely the power of organized labor is too simple-minded.
More violent and frequent storms, once merely a prediction of climate models, are now a matter of observation.
The event is merely observed in a different way depending on the observer s frame of reference.
Too often in experimental psychology the results merely serve to validate a hunch rather than prove a relationship.
The fee required from the utility to get the loan is merely to shield the government from default risk.
Computers, for instance, cannot match our ability to recognize a friend from a distance merely by the way he walks.
They are certainly the obvious but a blind study, merely to dismiss the thought would be interesting.
Yet it is not merely that poor people tend to be unhealthy while everyone else is well.
The mechanical arms that have long been a mainstay of manufacturing are merely complex tools in comparison.
What is going to provide real benefit to future recipients, as opposed to satisfying the merely curious.
Manufacturing is not merely about giving people jobs.
We are not interested in selling out to an oil company, merely to see our patents and technology suppressed.
Telecommuting is no longer merely something that the phone company is trying to sell you.
Today, however, digital quantum batteries are merely a patent-pending research concept.
After all, a static magnetic field is merely an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of zero.
New is that they did not merely suggest it, but they did it.
However, scientists found that getting a clear signal wasn't merely a matter of listening in on one electrode.
Ethanol is merely a scapegoat for big food retailers and big oil.
Negative action is also more likely to be repeated than merely reciprocated, which is why it spreads more effectively.
It was meant to illustrate a political point of view, not merely to inform.
The article is merely a mathematical exercise that has nothing to do with the human spirit.
Happy stories of the winners are trumpeted, but vast majority of losers merely get their time and money wasted.
Someone's size not merely affects the look, but also the overall quality of life.
The researchers found that the corresponding area activates almost as strongly when subjects merely think about one or the other.
Friction merely increases the total amount of contact and separation that occur.
Others, well, their actions range from merely pointless to ludicrously tragic.
But many scientists are coming to think that sensory input may merely revise ongoing internal activity in the brain.
Furthermore, the tossed vehicles get sold and reused, merely transferring the pollution somewhere else.
He wasn't merely imitating nature, he was adopting its mechanism: chaos dynamics.
But each antibiotic is merely a stopgap, its success a challenge to microbial resourcefulness.
At this point, opinions become split about whether the loss of determinism is real, or merely apparent.
Your size not merely affects appearance, but also the actual quality of life.
White is merely the retina's response to being bombarded by all the colors of the rainbow.
Of course that merely means that the formative mechanisms are currently unknown.
Real chimeras merely have two or more groups of cells with distinct sets of genes.
When you're nature's ideal killing machine, perhaps color vision is merely an unnecessary affection.
They merely reflect mutations that happened to arise and spread in one area.
At the solstice, it's merely the sun's low position that makes for our shortest day.
They are merely artists' conceptions designed to entertain.
These people are not merely awake but also partly aware.
With government cameramen filming over his shoulder, the official did his best to act as if he were merely upholding the law.
We know that air and water belong to all mankind and not merely to industrialists.
The stakes are now too high merely to show the injustice of the conventional wisdom.
The court's decision has no value as a precedent, because it is merely a decision not to take up the case on its merits.
But such things are ultimately without importance, merely distracting.
Note that the idea of a merit hiring system does not mean merely that excellence is given some recognition.
They merely see the giant lashing out, often in ways that make an already horrible situation worse.
We prefer the hardship of realizing citizenship in this city to the convenience of merely yearning for it.
At other sites there were merely traces of past angelic visits: feathers, for example.
It may wish to seem restrained, but it is merely unstated.
Alas, he does not tell us if he knows of such a tribe or if he has merely dreamed it up.
It isn't cruel what happens next, it is merely a form of being caught.
Every beer-soaked summer rock festival is merely a pale imitation.
The merely blind have the window of their ears, the merely deaf listen through their eyes.
The boys, however, render the movie not merely exhausting but fulfilling.
Crazy narratives-that lend what is merely in you, and therefore soon-to-be-repeated, the fleeting illusion of logic and cause.
The spending on military operations is merely the tip of a vast fiscal iceberg.
They were released into the yards only every few days, and in groups of merely five.
Yet it was merely a point of contention, not a big fight.
Not content merely to make movies, they have also owned a good number of the theaters in which they are shown.
We identified with people merely going off to work, never to return.
More and more, though, the rich are setting themselves apart with affectations that communicate wealth merely by suggestion.
The stars didn't merely model, but engaged in some real acting.
In a great editor's hands, all these elements are merely the marble from which a masterpiece must be uncovered.
Addressing the rumor at this stage, he and others felt, merely appeared to legitimize it.
The same used to be true of merely learning about such things.
The digger merely seemed to exercise his imagination in reverse.
It is not merely a product of convergence, technology's latest buzz word used to describe the combining of existing technologies.
Perhaps you merely get your thrills cleaning house the cheapest, greenest way.
The saltine doesn't merely serve as thrifty butter extender, as handy where's-the-thermometer crispiness insurance.
It is merely a guideline for some common items found during the inspection of typical one and two family residential construction.
The other changes to the joint regulations are merely editorial or to clarify existing requirements.
The transaction identification number is merely a tracking number.
Brands shown on this list are merely suggestions, and there are no guarantees.
Design is inseparable from the article to which it is applied and cannot exist alone merely as a scheme of surface ornamentation.
Rather, it is intended merely as a weekly summary of significant police reports and arrests.
The subject merely drags items from a list to one of several category bins.
The production of items and provision of services are merely by-products of those efforts.

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