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Fruit and vegetables are too heavy, he reasoned, and a clothes merchant needs two arms to measure and fold goods.
First, he said, the site and its merchant partners would compete aggressively on price.
The curriculum includes licensing programs for future merchant marine, coast guard and naval reserve officers.
When pirates realize that any merchant ship could be a disguised hunter-killer, only the insane will continue and will perish.
The other two-thirds he expects will come from the merchant hydrogen sector.
Four nuclear-powered merchant ships were eventually built.
Any merchant of course would be happy to get extra cash from customers who are less sensitive to price.
The salt merchant pulled a blanket around his shoulders and drew deeply on his cigarette.
The merchant only pays for the customers that come in the door.
For now, merchant shipping's best friend may be the weather.
Remnants of elephant tusks indicate that merchant shops were trading in ivory.
My wine merchant claims cellar-building consulting has become quite lucrative.
In fact, many merchant ship captains are crueler and more unjust than pirate captains.
Then, in all likeliness, the merchant hands you the machine in which to stick the card and then you type the pin.
However, my wine merchant claims that the slope of the function is unique to the consumer's palate.
Then the banker leaders convinced their boards they deserved outrageous remuneration as merchant bankers had enjoyed.
Look well at him, and you will find him to be both the pretended oil-merchant and the captain of the gang of forty robbers.
Government revenues largely come from the sale of stamps and coins and remittances from seamen on merchant ships abroad.
That's it and then millions of little vendors who can't get a merchant account will be liberated.
To be sure, these sites produce useful results for users which can dramatically increase sales for a merchant.
They are maintained not by sailors but by master merchant seamen-that is, by private contractors.
But, it is a high profitable business both from customer and merchant point of view.
Other billions live according to the prescriptions of the desert merchant made thousands years ago.
Aristocratic or merchant customers bartered his works for rings or jewels, whose value he could only guess.
Every merchant knows that sales bring customers into the stores.
He couldn't get in anywhere-even tried the merchant marines.
Your small merchant who handles cash only doesn't understand credit cards and the fact that they increase sales.

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