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Example sentences for merchandising

She envisioned the newspaper as a virtual merchandising machine.
What is more, the multiplier effect of merchandising is growing as children become savvier consumers.
In return it gets management fees and royalties on merchandising, food and the nearby hotels.
Merchandising and promotion are concepts that have not touched the place.
Sporting success plus merchandising were given as the key to brand value.
With one retailer, the answer turned out to be not the store manager but the merchandising manager, one rank down.
They can also collect money from ticket sales and merchandising.
And promoters no longer wait to see whether a programme becomes popular before turning it into a merchandising machine.
Before you know it you don't have any rights left, including income from gigs and merchandising.
It shed its sideline publishing and merchandising businesses and pulled back from producing original animation.
And then, of course, the merchandising came into play.
Early in her career, she revolutionized the lingerie business by merchandising bras on racks rather than hiding them in boxes.

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