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Tiger goods are much more valuable than leopard merchandise.
Live music, refreshments and gumbo cook-off merchandise for sale.
Stores have cut the number of items they stock, hoping to avoid discounting unsold merchandise.
Game publishers offer exclusive merchandise for sale.
Sears finally wrote to the shipper offering to sell the merchandise for him.
The permit for a distressed merchandise sale shall be issued for a period not to exceed thirty days.
For items purchased within the last year, we'll send you a replacement or a full merchandise refund.
What the moderator isn't telling you is that after each of my postings, somebody puts up a spam advert for merchandise.
Then cash in on your fans' desire to sport merchandise that declares their allegiance to you.
Selling questionable merchandise online is hardly a new idea.
Anything that separates the customer from the merchandise can subtract business.
His doodles turned into marketable merchandise as fans were willing to pay for requested art work.
Sears's decision to combine several corporate and merchandise group units will result in an undetermined number of job cuts.
And it could shift its mix of transactions away from merchandise it owns to that sold by third parties.
Some suppliers trucked in merchandise from out of state.
No matter how valuable your merchandise or how reasonable your terms, there's always someone who wants to haggle.
Of this grand total more than one-third is merchandise shipped to that territory.
But my fear is that a certain monotony will come out of our reliance on merchandise.
Merchandise near the register moves, whether it's a magazine, a pack of gum or another bottle of hand sanitizer.
The longer governments treat workers as an expendable merchandise the more poverty and hence crime will increase.
Potter-related toys, games, and other merchandise have been in the stores for a while.
As automobiles became more popular, the shape of these buildings conveyed the nature of their merchandise to customers zooming by.
Tourism receipts covered almost two-thirds of the merchandise trade deficit.
And it will continue to enjoy some leeway in protecting sensitive sectors in merchandise trade.
As their traditional business declines, the music companies are moving into live music and merchandise.
Food and general-merchandise retailers have a harder job.
It soon became difficult to navigate the alleys because of the scattered merchandise.
The retailers use predicted traffic flow to plan where to place specials and hot merchandise.
In addition, there are places to submit bookmarks and other related links, as well as links for related merchandise.
Relatively little merchandise circulated nationally or had brand names.
So much for the landscape and the defiant calendar of merchandise.
If you can't buy it, you might as well call it damaged merchandise.
Four dollars worth of produce purchased wholesale plus three dollars to ferry the merchandise back to their stands.
Certainly, this was true of those stores which contained merchandise that could be carried away.
Their merchandise also varies from store to store--so that if one store is a flop, it won't mar the others.
With his settlement from the lawsuit, he bought his current apartment and began to fill it with merchandise.
Last year, her first at the store, she sold around two million dollars' worth of merchandise.
Many times the dealers don't know how they will use the merchandise they buy.
Some companies encourage their customers to modify their merchandise.
It's as if the social rituals themselves were subordinated to and transformed by the abstract forms of the peculiar merchandise.
Nexus keeps tabs on terror-sensitive businesses and merchandise, among other things.
They suggest my purpose in creating the poster was to merchandise it and make money.
Almost certainly, you, too are ordering more and more of your merchandise via an online retailer.
The shopper may go to a clothing store because he enjoys the experience of looking at the merchandise.
The counters were gone, the merchandise out of sight.
The home retailer, a haven for nonessential merchandise, has seen steady improvement.
Aggravation can be found daily in any marketplace from poor merchandise, confusing guarantees and disgruntled sales help.
Merchandise mailed by a charitable organization that is soliciting contributions.
If you receive unordered merchandise such as clothing or books in the mail, you may be surprised about your rights.

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