mercenary in a sentence

Example sentences for mercenary

He shall be mercenary, and she shall be foolish.
But creating marketplaces of mercenary intelligences is genuinely novel.
His reasons were political, I believe, and not just mercenary.
While this may sound a bit mercenary, it's a serious question.
When it comes to souvenirs, rented transportation and mercenary guides, it appears there really is nothing new under the sun.
Along the way, mercenary freelancers get to meet interesting people.
That is infidelity, that is mercenary, and worse still.
They served mostly as mercenary agents of espionage and as spies.
This was in one of the comments to the academic mercenary's column.
He continued that employment for the space of five years, being daily useful, and not mercenary to his friend.
Whether their motives are missionary or mercenary, all are ultimately sucked into the vortex of an epic-and tragic-struggle.
Online dating sites, whatever their more mercenary motives, draw on the premise that there has got to be a better way.
After all, this is a not a government with an army, but a mining corporation with mercenary security.

Famous quotes containing the word mercenary

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