mercantilism in a sentence

Example sentences for mercantilism

Here has only imported the most appalling mercantilism linked to disgusting and absolutely irresponsible use of science.
This period of early capitalism is generally referred to as mercantilism.
Others castigate it for mercantilism.
The situation is quite different when it comes to mercantilism.
There is no place in this mercantilism for imported consumer goods.
Politically mercantilism was an expression of the militant nationalism which arose upon the ruins of feudalism.
Colbert was a champion of the dominant economic thinking of the age, the theory of mercantilism.
The new zeal for national champions may combine with lacklustre growth to fuel a new wave of mercantilism.
Europe has tried mercantilism, militarism and inculcating youths with angry nationalism.
But the pilgrimage, four and five people deep, moved relentlessly to the altar of mercantilism.
But mercantilism is about more than promoting exports.
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