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The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad.
They mention the a ability of chimps to exhibit distress and symptoms similar to depression.
Mention of tomatoes, of course, merely added problems to the puzzle.
It's a great way to utilize summer produce, not to mention super delicious.
It does not mention the scandal that damaged his once-stellar reputation and stunned his colleagues in the field.
Students of some cultures might mention special holidays that commemorate their dead ancestors.
After that there was never any mention about that mule around my daddy.
Dental caries, gangrene, gingivitis and sleeping sickness could merit mention.
Not to mention irresistible crushed-velvet textures and ripe, spicy boysenberry flavors.
And if you've had experience teaching online courses, don't hesitate to mention that too.
Not to mention anemic wage and job growth coming out of the recession.
As you read, ask students to write the names of the animals and plants you mention in the boxes where they belong.
Not to mention gas would be cheaper if all cars met the new standard, since the price of any product is driven by demand.
Not to mention a little faith in your cardiovascular system.
First there's headlines that responsibly mention both the promise and the animals.
Most psychology textbooks do not even mention power and dominance, except in relation to abusive relationships.
They might mention scuba diving, boating, or collecting animal specimens by fishing.
Not to mention ties that publishing houses, radio- and tv-stations, politicians and government officials have.
Not to mention that you have to weed around those things and end up getting poked a lot, too.
Ever-tighter fuel economy and emissions regs, not to mention changing consumer tastes, have automakers doing more with less.
Not to mention personal contributions to the greenhouse effect.
Then one day he happened to mention this to an older gardener and found out he was growing the wrong variety.
What this and all other articles fail to mention is that many of these people simply do not have a strong moral character.
Not enough sun in the courtyard, not to mention room.
The old curriculum guidelines didn't even mention it by name.
Great to see this article, but the dimensions of the spheres you mention are off by one.
Diaries of the preceding days mention smoky air and a red sun at morning and evening.
Not to mention people seeking concert and movie tickets for campus cultural events, prairie lovers and physics groupies.
Perhaps this brief article did not mention it, but this study may not correlate to intelligence at all.
While on the consumers end they get a better product at a better price, and not to mention more options to chose from.
They might mention wars, changes in population, or changes to the weather.
Mention is frequently made of them by the historians of the expedition.
Not to mention the increased economic activity which they would bring elsewhere.
They will probably mention airplanes, trains, and trucks.
Don't mention anything about retirement in your letter.
List the countries that students mention on the board.
Those colorful, silhouetted dancing iPod ads never mention a single feature-except how cool it makes you.
Mention both, especially if they complement each other in some way.
Moreover, those articles that do get a mention tend to have been recently published themselves.
The book failed to mention the fact that it was a three-hour hike to the bridge, up and over a steep ridge.
As to the mention of acetylcholine it comes from a medical study.
Mention the library, not as being better than the old place, but how good it is in your field.
If consumers act, the other pieces you mention would fall into place.
Not to mention that the game they are building upon is is old.
Not to mention how much worse the fall down the stars would become with this strapped to your body.
There's no mention of long term effects of this type of training.
Of course, they all had reasons why the portfolios were late--reasons which they forgot to mention when portfolios were due.
Their plans should mention the equipment they will use and the locations they'll visit.
There's inherent privacy, not to mention the uniqueness of it all.
The promenade, which encircles the building, has some fantastic public art and informative displays-not to mention views.
Not to mention the savings in infrastructure needs and company overhead.
Milk is well known as a great dietary source of protein and calcium, not to mention an indispensable companion to cookies.
Point out these places on the map as you mention them.
What he didn't mention was that he also had broken his arm.
Not to mention the facelift it would give a city known to value tradition.
Not to mention he takes credit for other peoples discoveries.
The present purpose is to mention such books only as can claim to belong to literature.
Bidding a wedding, widening received treading, little leading mention nothing.
But he had a weakness which he somehow forgot to mention-that of fainting at the sight of blood.
But mention of location-based hobbies works better for some parts of the country than others.
What everyone has failed to mention thus far is one's ability to succeed in the job market.
Hundreds of millions of dollars alone, not to mention the millions they gave in scholarships.
No mention of impact factors or anything, of course.
Prospectuses tend to solve the conundrum by avoiding mention of the party's role.
The freezing conditions, not to mention polar bears, should put off any unwelcome visitors.
Aeroplane cargo faces even tighter restrictions on shape and size, not to mention the need for runways.
But then neither were these latest proposals met with the same degree of scepticism-not to mention derision.
The little creatures are constantly guided by their scent trails and other chemical signals, not to mention their genes.
Not to mention that commercial bio-fuels are expensive and this would cause airline rates to rise.
Also, ads can't demean cable services or mention price.
What they failed to mention is that web-based apps on mobile devices already exist on other devices.
The indexing in the book deserves special mention because it is simply amazing.
Its a win win plan as lots of oil would be used in creating the pipe for the project not to mention the plastic covering.
The cost to society must be measured in billions of dollars, not to mention the suffering of those who have lost loved ones.
Not to mention cutting the pollution from them not doing it this way.
Famine, water shortage and energy poverty not to mention wars caused by the above and lack of space.
And while more inclusive, the article doesn't mention studies of how much trees affect the atmospheric oxygen levels.
Not to mention that this can be combined effectively with companion planting.
Although this activity talks about several types of fire, it doesn't mention home fires, which are more common but avoidable.
They might mention pollution, loss of habitat, or endangered species.
Their messages mention how many monarchs they have seen, when and where.
Not to mention that starting jobs don't offer much leeway dealing with loans.
And he offered emotional succor long after the amorous flame had waned--not to mention demanding the same support for himself.
Not to mention the political pressure to exit the euro.
Time deserves an honorable mention here, as it stopped midway and left something for later.
They pose a serious threat to cops and firefighters, not to mention occupants of the houses they're in.
What he neglects to mention is the real possibility, however small, of serious harm.
Mounting clinical evidence suggests that better design can improve patients' health-not to mention their morale.
Within the fastidious world of opera fans, one group deserves special mention.
He was uncertain of his future and what to do about his life, not to mention his marriage.
The video was not made public in any of the subsequent court proceedings, nor has there been any public government mention of it.
It was an interesting choice of issues for him to mention.
The military personnel did not seem thrilled at its mention.
Not to mention a billion combustion engines heating up the air, polluting it and using up oxygen.
No one seems to mention this in reporting this story.
Not to mention refining the gasoline out of the crude oil.
Not to mention shipping the crude from well to refinery.
Not to mention how slide shows boost overall revenues by placing multiple advertisers.
No mention is made of the different operator charges applied to prepaid or postpaid users for initiating a conversation.
There are billions invested in energy efficiency upgrading, not to mention the political investments.
Not to mention a tendency for shady connections to less than stellar business backgrounds.
It seems kind of silly, not to mention futile, to try to prove that one species or another is more advanced than another.
The failure to successfully meet these commercial requirements have ruined billions of algae, not to mention investors.
Whenever new species of wasps or flies are described, their discoverers almost never mention the coloured patterns of the wings.
They don't go into any further detail, nor do they mention that their proposed scheme will do nothing about it.
When the volunteers described their dreams, they didn't mention specific objects, locations or routes through the maze.
Not to mention a comprehensive lesson in racing vocabulary.
Not to mention that you're saving time, dishwashing soap, and the energy used to heat the additional water.
He did not mention-and apparently did not much think about-all the noncombatants who had died.
But at the mention of his older brother, he becomes agitated and taps a table furiously.
As such, it was entangled in a web of hopes and fears and political baggage, not to mention a fistful of ironclad patents.
In your letter to the coordinator of the interview, mention the names of those you met.
The expanded definition over the current special mention category is good.
For some the mention of psychology conjures a vision of someone sitting on a couch sharing their troubles.
Though there's no mention of alcohol, beer and wine are available.
No mention was made of cell phones, cameras or handheld camcorders, but they're probably okay if they're small.
Not to mention, their customer base mirrors the energy drink demo.

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