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Physically he had survived, but mentally he carried that tortuous ordeal until the day he died.
The anthropologist has to declare his opponent inferior and degenerate, the psychiatrist must diagnose him as mentally deranged.
In spite of all this ghostly visitation, he awakes rather cleared and settled mentally.
Not a little fit, not a little fit sun sat in shed more mentally.
Early birds may be chipper in the morning, but they mentally wear out faster, a new brain-scan study reveals.
When you mentally switch gears and start to shoot moving subjects, a lot changes.
Working in such a harsh environment requires much physically as well as mentally and emotionally.
Mentally shrink yourself to ant size and set out walking on a leaf.
He didnt lose any of it but has been scarred mentally.
The biggest challenge to me mentally was having to constantly express my fears, worries and difficulties on camera.
Behavioral husbandry and operant conditioning allows us to keep the animals mentally exercised as well.
Take it for walks every day, challenge your dog mentally so your dog can be satisfied.
The study found that such counselling worked, both mentally and physically.
Survivors may be physically and mentally stunted, and ravaged by sores.
Mentally he was still patrolling the site, noting the course of storm-drains and the interplay of vaulting and walls.
Each boulder problem was mentally broken into sections before he started.
His performance over the four-day visit gave the lie to those who say he is no longer mentally capable.
The mill employed quite a number of mentally or physically disabled people to sweep the floors.
There has always been more information than people can mentally process.
Caring for an aging parent is difficult, time-consuming work, both physically and mentally.
By providing wrong but matching views and feelings, scientists mentally.
By mentally walking alongside the long table, he found he could reconstruct which guest had been sitting in which place.
The dilemma of the mentally ill is trying to determine which is worse: disorder symptoms or drug side effects.
He learned to mentally disentangle the effects of meteor impacts to see the underlying rock types.
For a host of reasons, their theory goes, lying is more mentally taxing than telling the truth.
It is a state where tasks become so automatic that you can mentally disengage from them.
Without effective rehabilitation techniques, many people become more mentally unstable behind bars.
There are many ways to make something mentally palatable-or not.
Some people seem to have it all, mentally speaking-strong math and verbal skills, a keen memory and good spatial sense.
In this way, any one of several notes can be selected by mentally altering the intensity of pressing.
Most people mentally accentuate their partners' better qualities.
Our society is seriously mentally ill with respect to hemp.
Magicians can also manipulate the audience's memory, thus making it difficult to mentally reconstruct what happened.
Research shows that active lifestyles, both mentally and physically, slow down brain aging.
But after a while, you can mentally flip the image to see an old face.
If you mentally equate poverty with hunger, then denying the hunger means denying the poverty.
He was granted a reprieve so that the state could determine whether he was mentally competent to be executed.
As it turns out, the murderer is a mentally unstable individual, with no coherent political ideology.
It is entirely possible that a worker who is ill may be present physically, but mentally he or she might as well be home in bed.
It also does not include those who are unable to work because they are physically or mentally disabled.
And if there's one thing you don't want during your presentation, it's an audience that has mentally left the room.
Physically and mentally, it is an enormous effort of imagination.
He resisted time-mentally, physically, psychologically.
Before any interview, make sure you mentally practice covering left field.
Staying mentally engaged in the field will be helpful when it comes time to interview.
As the texts required of me have grown longer, it's become harder and harder to keep them mentally organized.
College can help one stay mentally alert by opening up possibilities and opportunities.
Mentally tough performer who withstood constant criticism from fans for his perceived shortcomings.
Study finds mentally alert seniors have fewer accidents.
Suppress your gag reflex by dividing the chow mentally into smaller, more manageable portions.
Mentally, he was ready to go, but his body faced daunting physical challenges.
Such procedural traps and labyrinths are particularly challenging for the country's many illiterate and mentally ill inmates.
The escapee must always return, mentally or physically, if not both.
He has two brothers, one of them mentally handicapped.
Leave it to the beautiful people, physically and mentally, to bear children.
With shared control, a robot quickly interprets the user's intention, allowing him to relax mentally.
Surely it is possible for mentally healthy people to be unhappy, even severely miserable.
Do you not realize how many movies have mentally ill characters.
You'd still mature mentally, build life experience, raise a family and expand your career.
They also beat those who mentally replayed their training again while awake.
It makes some people do things that are unimaginable to mentally stable, healthy people.
Still, you can mentally correct for that by observing it.
In many ways she is more forward looking and mentally active than my parents.
We're opening ourselves up mentally to the idea of gender barriers being crossed.
We are taught to be mentally tough, training repeatedly until our muscles can react automatically.
He worked to rebuild himself physically and mentally.
To get help for their mentally ill children, some parents have to give them up.
Most are parents sharing problems of dealing with mentally ill children.
Born mentally disabled, she needed structure and programming to thrive.

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